Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wasted Time

Since the accident yesterday, we no longer have an oven. Since we no longer have an oven (or a stove, for that matter!!) we can no longer cook. Since we can no longer cook, we can’t eat!!!

Well we can but it takes some practice.

You have to realize, in our house, we don’t used boxed dinners. We don’t buy pre-made things and rarely do we buy things that you just pop in the microwave to cook. But today, we were forced to go buy some pre-made dinners that you just “pop in the microwave”.

I also had plans to make some Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes for Hubz’ office that he could take to work and now that I look back, maybe I should have just left them at the Evans’. It probably would have been better that way.

Since our oven is broken, I had to go over to my BFF’s house to use her oven to make the cupcakes. (fortunately I didn’t burn that one down too). So I made them all pretty, orange icing to math the pumpkin flavor and halloween sprinkles, to boot. They were perfect, just perfect.

That is.. until I tried to get in my car with all 12 muffins in my hand, holding the plate one handed and and my elbow hit the carseat in the middle of the backseat. That sent all 12 of the cupcakes flying. Fortunately I caught all of them in the muffin pan that I had them sitting on in the first place, but Murfey’s law… buttered bread always lands butter side down, well so does frosted cupcakes!!!! All twelve of them.

Even the sprinkles couldn’t pretty this mess. I had frosting all over my nice leather jacket, all over everything.

But, hey, I didn’t get ANY on the car. I just closed the door and came home.

So much for that idea.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not what I had planned..

Yesterday I was planning on baking Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes in celebration of Halloween and I was going to top them with matching icing and festive Halloween Sprinkles.

So I go in the kitchen and turn on the cleaning cycle to the oven to clean the oven since it’s been acting a bit funny lately. I thought that maybe it was because there was old icky stuff burnt on the bottom of the oven. Well about 10 minutes into it, the oven starts to smoke, as usual as it’s burning all the old stuff out of the oven.

Then about 30 minutes into it the smoke is starting to pluck the eyes from our sockets. It was horrible. To say the least. Then about 45 minutes into it, Hubz walks into the room and says;

“You realize there is a fire in the house, right?” As if he had just walked in and told me that he was going to vacuum the floor.

“Really, where?” As I was SURE he was kidding.

“Turn around.” He says with calmness.

As I turn around, there are 2 foot flames coming out the front and top of our stove.

“HOLY SH*T!!!!” I screamed as I was running to get a front shot of the stove. (I was around the otherside of the breakfast nook, in the dinning room)

So then once I get to the middle of the kitchen, the flames start to rise to reach the cupboards above.. and with SUCH calmness, and I’m not being sarcastic(!!) Hubz turns to me and says;

“Baking Soda?”

Okay, trying not to die laughing, and pee my pants at the same time, 1) we have a fire extinguisher in our garage and 2) I REALLY don’t think baking soda is going to help on a fire that is now reaching over our heads!!

I then yeld, quickly, “Fire Extinguisher?”

Hubz went out to get the fire extinguisher and as I sat and waited, I did about the dumbest thing that seemed to work out differently in my mind. Mind you, the flames are now about 2.5 feet above our stove and what did I do, while waiting, I blew on it like it was a tiny little birthday candle that would have gone out with a small gust of wind. Yes, you heard me right. I was blowing on a 5.5 foot fire. Did it go out, no, but at least I did something while I was waiting.

Then Hubz came running back in with the fire extinguisher which suddenly looked so small that you would have been lucky if it put out a match stick. The extinguisher was a dry chemical extinguisher and soon as he let loose there was a cloud of smoke that quickly covered us as if we were the ones on fire.

Did it help, no. The problem was, was that since the cleaning cycle was on in the oven, the front of the door was locked. So we couldn’t get to the fire iteself, so spraying the “fire” with the extinguisher was only spraying the glass door which was shooting the extinguishing dust back into our faces.

Hubz runs and grabs the phone and calls 911 and yells at me to get Annabelle (who at that time, was napping) and get her outside. Fortunately her room was completely clear of all smoke and fortunately she had a blanket in her crib as I was able to wrap that over her head to get her out safely. All the while Hubz is standing out in safety in the front yard. Don’t worry about us honey, we’ll be fine!!!

The fire department came and actually picked up the oven and took it out into our driveway, then used an ax to pry the door open and hosed the whole oven.

Was it fun, no. Is it comical now, yes, very much so.

So needless to say, we no longer have an oven as the glass was shattered due to the extreme temperatures of the fire and the plastic melting.