Monday, June 29, 2009

Two, Six & Seven

I can't believe that in TWO days, Thumper and I will be halfway through our pregnancy. How did this happen?! One, I'm still in shock that we're even pregnant, do you ever get over it? I don't think so, after 4 years of waiting and trying. Two, I still can't fathom how 5 months have passed, with me carrying a child in my belly and it seems as if we've only been pregnant for a month or so. How does this stuff work? Why does it mess with your mind so much?

Not to mention that in SIX days, Thumper and I will go in for our "20 week - would you like to know the gender" ultrasound. I am still praying, crossing my fingers and rubbing my belly, hoping to pass good luck charm onto our precious little one, to convince him or her that he or she REALLY needs to let Mommy and Daddy know. We just simply can't take it any longer. The anticipation is not good for the soul, OR the babies.. he he.

To top all that off, in SEVEN days, Thumper and I will be headed up to see Grammy Jackie and Papa Dave. (*something came up and the foster baby is no longer going with us, she went to a new foster home a few days ago and will be staying there for a while, no worries, she's got a GREAT home and a 3 year old to play with, constantly, so all is good*) I simply can't wait to get up there and see my mom. It's so weird to think how much closer we've become since I've been a "mommy". Me, little ol stephanie, is a Mommy. How did this happen?

Sometimes I feel as if I just walked out of a doctors office one day to hear that I'm having a baby. Somehow ever since I've been pregnant, it seems as if I can't even remember the 4 years that we've waited or the neverending injections/meds that I had to endure. Somehow it's all seeped into the very back part of my memory where there are way too many spiderwebs for me to go back there. Once again I ask, as I do to myself.. every single day, how did all this happen?

Sometimes I feel as if I've been sleeping for the last four years and just awoke to someone telling me that I'm pregnant and I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I can't believe how much my life has been blessed, especially this year. This has been a WONDERFUL year. I am so very thankful and I couldn't have imagined anything better, really, I couldn't have.

I do have to add that the other day, I did have a "mommy" scare with our little Thumper. Usually I feel Thumper throughout the day, all day long, kicks, punches, rolls, hiccups, etc. Well on Friday night, my uterus was aweful crampy. Nothing out of the norm but I could really tell that it was stretching pretty good in there, it was pretty sore. Then when I went to bed (when I normally feel the most kicks, movements, etc) I felt nothing!! N.O.T.H.I.N.G! It made me nervous, however, I assumed that Thumper had fallen asleep early and that's why he/she wasn't kicking. Then I sleep like CRAP throughout the night with again, NO movements, whatsoever. Only to wake up on Saturday to notice NO MOVEMENTS all day long. Something had to be wrong. I'd lay down, like normal, and wait, and wait, and wait. Nothing. I was really starting to freak out. I was very worried about our bub, but I wasn't spotting, wasn't bleeding, wasn't cramping, nothing. I felt completely normal, just without movements.

I came home Saturday (we went to the beach and for a long scenic drive that day) then I changed into my less restrictive pajama's and laid down on the couch, hoping to feel something.

BAM! Right in my bladder.
BAM! BAM! Again in my bladder.

Okay, okay!! I get that you're okay!! :) I was the happiest I could have been at the moment. My only response to Jeff was, "I love Thumper so much, already! I love how when I'm REALLY worried about Thumper, Thumper will give me a good painful kick to let me know that all is well on the inside."

Ahh.. I feel better.

*I do have to add that Thumper has been VERY active, since then.*

Oh, also have to add, too, that my right hip has been killing me. I don't know if it's just stretching out and making room for the little one, or if it's shattering to pieces, but man does it not feel very good at all, sometimes. Especially when I'm trying to crawl up onto something (like our truck - F-350 with 37" tires and a 8" lift.. not good for pregnant women!!) or try to crawl out of something, like our car. (tiny little Chevy Cobalt) And why only my right side?!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Girl or Boy?!

I often wonder what our little Thumper is going to be, girl or boy, chubby or petite, tall or short, blue eyed or hazel? We have quite a ways to go before we find out, for sure. However, when you think about it, 4-4.5 months is NOT alot of time. We have about 140 days till our due date, which is around 4.5 months. I'm often left to sit and wonder if we'll ever get prepared in time. We still have quite a few more things to buy and I'm scared that we're going to have this baby and we're not going to be fully prepared, like I'd like.

I'm praying that in 9 days, our baby will show us "the goods" so we can get everything else and have it be gender specific. Sorry, but I can't see putting my girl in green and blue stuff because I don't know what I'm having. I want her to feel special and to know that she was expected and we did wait for her.

The same for a boy, I don't want everything to be "gender neutral" and people to ask, "girl or boy?". I want them to just assume by the colors, the bows, etc. I want them to say, "cute little girl", or "what a handsome little man".

So Thumper, please, please, mommy is begging you, please show is if you're a girl or a boy. Mommy and Daddy really want (and NEED!) to know!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day 2009

This father's day, we decided to spend the day over at the coast, playing in the ocean and visiting the aquarium. We had over 175 pictures and about 5 or 6 videos from today, alone. I'll upload the videos later, but that will be another post, or two or three or four. Here are our favorites of the day:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Nursery

Ever since my husband and I got married, we've always walked through the baby section of every store we've entered. Wishing, hoping, that one day, we'd be able to buy something for OUR precious little-one-on-the-way. Over 4 years of walking through baby stores has brought us to this very moment.. a moment where I am 18 weeks and our Precious-Little-One-On-The-Way's nursery is almost complete. The paint is done (and has been for weeks), the furniture is put together and decorated, everything is in it's place and ready to go. Really, the only thing left that we have left to complete is finish getting the cloths we need and clean them and put them away, get the matching changing pad cover for our changing pad, hang the brown pictures on the wall (they're currently laying on the baskets on the dresser) find out what our baby is, buy corresponding letters to match the name, paint them and hang them on the wall above the crib.

We also need to buy the changing table items, such as hooded towels, more blankets (it will be November), diapers, wipes, baby powder, baby lotion, diaper cream, etc. Then we'll be done.

So here it is, so far:

Yes, we do know that our theme is green and brown, and yes, it is kind of boyish.. HOWEVER, we find that it looks VERY cute no matter what and I'm still going to love it for a girl, if we have a girl.

Note: The baby's nickname is Thumper, so we thought that it was only right if we purchased a bunny themed nursery, for the little one. It was just too perfect.

We've also talked to a few different "babies r us" employee's who specialize in the nursery bedding department and they've mentioned MANY times that people will get this for their girl, OR their boy, or either, if they don't know what they're having, yet. So it works for us.

Only 16 more days till we get another change at finding out!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

18w Thumper Update

Today we had our 18w OB appointment. We received the results to our "Quad Screen" blood test that we took 2 weeks ago, to measure Thumper's hormones to see if he/she potentially has any chromosomal abnormalities. Results will be posted at the end of the post.

We asked the major questions that I still had:

Q: Does an anterior placenta cause any unusual issues unlike a posterior placenta, or does it matter?

A: It doesn't matter. While posterior placenta's happen more often, it doesn't matter which side it's on, front or back, it's just about the same when it comes to the baby.

Q: Is my weight gain okay for this far in the pregnancy?

A: Yes! Although I have only gained 0 pounds, so far, my weight gain is PERFECT. Average america is way overboard when it comes to weight gain during pregnancy and the size of the babies that come from it. My doctor thinks it's unhealthy for mom's AND babies to gain a bunch of weight and have the babies come out at 8.5+ pounds. She says babies are supposed to be 6.5-7.5 pounds, not much more. The more weight you gain, the more baby gains, the harder it is on both people during labor and birth, the harder it is to recoup from it all. So she's very happy with my weight so far.

Q: Is it possible for me to pass Lactose Intolerance or Irritable Bowel Syndrome on to the baby, some how?

A: Potentially, yes, however, it's one of those 50/50 things.. either the baby will have it, or it won't, just like any other child out there. However, Lactose Intolerance will be passed on easier than IBS.

Q: When should we pre-register for the hospital?

A: Once we hit the late 20's weeks. Around week 28-30.

Q: Is it okay that I'm eating like a cow?

A: Yes! As long as you're eating healthy foods, feel free to eat as much as you want!

Thumper's heart rate was 153bpm, this time. Took a minute to find the heartbeat, as usual, until I reminded her that I have an anterior placenta, then she quickly moved to my hip bone area, and found it right away. A nice, strong heart beat, as usual.

2 more weeks and then I'll get another ultrasound and it just so happens to be THE ultrasound that we need Thumper to show the goods! We really can't wait. I just want to see our babe again and know that all is well in there, although with all the kids, punches, head butts, etc, I'm sure things are just fine. :)

Now, for the RESULTS:

They checked all my hormone levels, the hormones that are made by baby and passed to me. All levels came back WELL within the NORMAL range, so all is 100% good with baby! YAY!

The best news of the day, let me tell ya!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

17w, Belly Pictures & A Letter To Our Babe

Today is the day that I turn 17 weeks. YIPPEE! Only 23 weeks left to go! I can't believe I'm almost halfway done with my pregnancy.. where has the time gone?! Here in just a few short weeks, things are going to get extremely busy around here. We now have to plan for the following times:
June 15th, 2009 - Our Next OB Appointment
  • Must ask the following questions:
  1. Now that we know that my placenta is anterior, is there any possible complications that could arrise with having it all up front?
  2. My placenta lays all up front, is it at all possible, to have the placenta smoosh the baby and some how squish the life out of it?
  3. I've heard that now we shouldn't be sleeping on our back or our stomach anymore, to prevent possible umbilical cord smashing which could kill the baby... is there anyway to prevent myself from rolling over in my sleep, because I tend to wake up on my back, sometimes?
  4. How much weight should I have gained up to this point?

June 21st, 2009 - Father's Day

  • This is Jeff's first "REAL" Father's Day, since he never got the chance to spend it with his older children (ever! Their mom would say they were going on vacation.)
  • Must pick up a perfect, first dad's day, gift for him.

June 22nd, 2009 - Jeff's BIG 50th Birthday!

  • On top of Father's Day being the day before... I now have to plan for Jeff's BIG birthday bash! I don't know what the heck we're going to do, however, I'm sure it will be fun!

June 26th, 2009 - Our Engagement Anniversary & Jeff's Sister's Birthday!

  • We'll probably go out to eat, that night, for our engagement anniversary evening, or maybe we'll stay home. Who knows.
  • We do, however, have to call and wish Jeff's sister, Diane, a big happy birthday!

July 3rd, 2009 - Annabelle's 2nd Birthday!!

  • We'll have to plan her party, probably at a pizza place, so everyone can bring their kids and have a good time and it won't be too stressful, after all, she will be TWO!
  • I MUST shop for some new toys to take in her carry on bag on vacation, to keep the girl occupied. Depending on what she gets, if anything, at her birthday party, we may bring that stuff, too.

July 4th, 2009 - BIG Independence Day BBQ!!

  • I don't know what the heck we're doing for this, however, I am sure it will be spent with either The Evans' or at home in the backyard with the swimming pool. Either way, it'll be a blast.

July 6th, 2009 - 20 WEEK ULTRASOUND & OB Appointment!

  • Must convince the baby to show the goods!!!
  • Bribe the baby with anything that will work, to show the goods!! :)
  • Once we know, then we have to run to the store to buy a gender specific clothing item to give my mom, maybe a pink shirt that says, "I'm a Grandma to a Princess on the Way" or "I'm a Grandma to another little Prince!" or something of the sort. We'll have to figure it out.
  • We also have to spend this evening packing for our trip up to see "Happy!"

(My mom's name is Jackie, however, Annabelle seems to think
that she should be called Happy!, so that's what we call her.)

July 7th, 2009 - Fly Up To See Happy!!!

  • Wake up at 4am!! (load everything the night before)
  • Shower, Dress, etc.
  • Wake, Bathe & Dress The Punkin RIGHT before we leave.
  • Be at the Airport by 5am!
  • Depart Eugene, Oregon at 6:40am (Did you hear that?! 6:40AM with a TWO year old!)
  • Arrive in Seattle, Washington at 7:45am
  • Spend the next 2 hours getting to our next gate, eating a bit, keeping Annabelle occupied, etc.
  • Depart Seattle, Washington at 9:55am
  • Arrive in Wenatchee, Washington at 10:35am!!

So as you can tell, it's going to be a BUSY next couple of weeks.. so much to do and so little time that is getting shorter by the second. Litterally, lol. (Sorry!! I had to!)

Speaking of time flying by and the seconds getting shorter and shorter... here's my 17w belly picture: (for the record, I've gained absolutely NO weight. Actually I've lost like 2 pounds.)

Dear My Little Kicker,

You've been in my belly for over 4 months, now. It seems like time has just zoomed past us, without warning. I can still remember the day that I married your dad and we talked, immediately, about having children. I remember the long, hard, 4 year wait and don't regret it for a second. Each and every single moment in time that I had to sit and wait is so worth one moment with you now. I charish every single minute of every single day. I absolutely adore having you in my belly, baking away, awaiting your arrival. I wouldn't change ONE thing about my pregnancy and having you, not one. I'd do it a million times over again, if it means that I can just have your precious little life, in mine.

Just this month, you started kicking up a storm. I remember the very first time I felt your kicks. I wasn't feeling so well, so I went to lay on the couch. I just happened to lay on my belly and I think it made you mad. I'm sorry, my precious little one. I wasn't trying to squish the life out of you, I was just trying to keep from passing out and cracking my head open, or harming you in some way. You simply warned me with two precious little kicks right below my belly button. I was so happy to feel those. I waited for a few seconds longer, hoping to feel just one more, but didn't want to squish you, so I moved.

Since then, you've graced me with kick after kick after kick. Roll after roll and wiggle after wiggle. I LOVE feeling your movements. The feeling just doesn't get any better. To feel a human life growing inside of your belly and knowing that you're in there, happy, warm & comfortable. It's the best feeling a mommy could have.

We've also got to see you, again, this month. Your precious little mouth was moving, open and closed, open and closed, practicing swollowing, I'm sure. You also graced us with a few little hand waves. It was so precious to see your movements in there. I'm sorry mommy had to lay on her back and squish you with her placenta, however, that's how the doctor wanted mommy to lay, so we could see you, on ultrasound.

We've got a big visit coming up, here in a few short weeks. This is the big one, my precious little one. You've got to show us if you're male or female, that way when we go visit grammy, we can tell her. She'll be so excited to see you, ya know? She'd be even more excited if we could tell her what you were. Mommy and Daddy also need to know what you are so we can continue planning for your arrival and make sure we have things just perfect. We still have a few items to pick up, but we want them to match your gender, so you have to show us, okay? If you do, I promise to give you all the Mommy Milk, you could ask for, when you greet us. I'll even try to eat lots of fruits to make it takes like ice cream. Maybe you will like that.

I love you, my little one. Each and everyday that passes brings me one day closer to meeting you and seeing your beautiful face. I can't wait to hold your hand, and study your fingers and toes, your wrinkles & your features. You make me so proud to be your mama.

I love you with everything I have!
Your Mommy!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

16w Ultrasound Update

We almost didn't get our Ultrasound, yesterday, but because it was so slow, we were able to have one anyway. *Note: I should add that we weren't "scheduled" for an ultrasound, we were just told that she'd try to squeeze us in for one, at our next appointment.*

We got to hear our babies heartbeat on doppler, once again and it was a bit tougher to hear, this time. Come to find out, I have an Anterior Placenta. However, we were eventually able to find it and it was a wonderful 167bpm. We must have caught our baby sleeping last time as it was 155bpm.

We TRIED as hard as we could to see what gender our baby was, but our precious little one was sitting down on his/her bottom with his/her legs closed and tucked underneath. We did, however, get to see our baby waving to us, a few times and watch as our baby repeatedly opened and closed his/her mouth. It was the most precious thing that I've seen, yet.

Here are our ultrasound pictures.. I'll repost them labled so you can get an idea of what they're of.

And Labled:

Monday, June 01, 2009


Tomorrow is the day that I go in for my 16w appointment. I'll actually be 15w6d, but hey, close enough. I am scheduled for a Quad Screen as well as a promised "quick" ultrasound, just so we can see how much the baby has grown since our last, 9w, ultrasound.

I'm not nervous, at all, for the Quad Screen. I am, however, curious to see what the results show. I do hope for the best, however, we love our baby regardless of any medical condition that our baby may have, so the results won't really mean anything to us.

I am excited to see if she'll be able to tell us the gender, tomorrow. As I said, before, it will be a quick ultrasound, so I don't know if she'll take the time to try and look, or even if baby is co-operative and will let us see. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I can't wait to hear the hear beat, again, and see our little one.

I'm stoked!