Thursday, March 27, 2014

Super Hero Humor

Oh my sweet boy. I go to get Super Hero on the bus this morning and after hugs and kisses he goes and sits in his seat. The bus driver waves me on and proceeds to tell me a story about last week.

Last week? Last week we were running a tad late. Late to the point where when we showed up at the bus stop, the kids were already on the bus and in their seats. The bus was getting ready to drive away when it seen me pull up.

*pause for a little backstory*

We live in a super tiny town. Population about 3,000. We have one elementary school and one high school. However, we have chosen for my son to go to a school that is about 15 minutes north, which is smaller and much more child centered. In order for him to go to this school, he has to ride a bus from our town, up north. We all have to drop our children off at one buss top behind our local grocery store which is about 5 minutes from my house.

*continuing on*

As I'm running to get Super Hero on the bus before it pulls away, I told him I loved him and to be kind and listen. This is something I always say to him. He yells back that he will and hops on the bus. The bus driver then pulls out and proceeds up to the school as I went home.

Two minutes into the bus ride, Super Hero starts wiggling in his seat. She reminds him, "Super hero! You need to sit still in your seat, for safety." He says okay and calms down. A minute later he starts wiggling again. That same gentle reminder comes from the front of the bus again as they proceed up to the school.

Then from the back the bus driver hears my sweet Super Hero says the following, "Excuse me, Bus Driver but my mommy fixed my hair and if I sit back, it will mess it up."

We both couldn't help but laugh hysterically when she told that story. My sweet little Super Hero.

I should note that when he came home that day, he did tell me that he wasn't listening on the bus. I explained that he always had to be kind and listen to the bus driver and if he didn't, he would loose his privilege of riding the bus. Since then he has come home every day from preschool to tell me that he has listened on the bus and been kind. The bus driver has agreed. :)