Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life Happens

My goodness. So much has happened in the last few years and my blog has gone from personal written stories about me to a spamming of sponsored posts. It's amazing how time can change things. In any sense, I would like to get my blog back to a more personal stance with a few sponsored posts and giveaways that pertain to my life.

Life is crazy right now. As many of you know baby J is no longer a baby and has grown into a very handsome little boy. He's getting ready to turn 4 this fall and is an amazing little helper. He loves coloring, drawing, church and horses. This kid is a true cowboy at heart, I tell ya. He hasn't stopped talking since he was a baby and continues to impress us with his knowledge of everything.

What some of you may or may not know is that we have other little ones in the house! We gave birth to TWIN girls in December 2011 and as amazing as time has passed, they'll be turning two just after Christmas. I cannot begin to imagine how they've grown so fast. I feel like the more you have, the faster they grow. Right before your eyes.

Baby A is a very spunky and silly girl. She has long dark brown curly hair and bright blue eyes. She has a petite little frame and eats more than our other kids combined. She's feisty yet compassionate. She's truly our gentle soul. Always trying to help Mommy.

Baby R is our silly little dancer. She has shorter sandy blond hair that is very bone straight. She has bright blue eyes (3 for 3) and is a few pounds and a few inches taller than her sister. She's sensitive yet silly and is always ready to dance and laugh. She's a very funny girl with the BEST facial expressions.

Next we have some news! WE'RE EXPECTING AGAIN! Baby Z/K is due this coming January 2014 and we are very excited to be welcoming him/her. We should find out what Baby Z/K is in the next few weeks.

We also have a new little pup named Belle. She's a spunky little 1.5lb black and tan Chihuahua who we like to call our little Mexican Jumping Bean. She's so funny. I swear she's made of springs because she just does NOT stop jumping. She's very gentle with our wee ones and they're very gentle with her, surprisingly! Everyone is getting along very well.

Life has kind of changed paths for us lately. We've recently bought a house and settled a bit here in Eastern Washington. Our plan is to start preschool for J this fall, if we can get him in. If not, we'll probably start a co-op preschool until he can start Kindergarten.

I've spent a lot of my time sewing, knitting, crocheting and painting over the last few months. It's amazing how much money you can save when you make things yourself. All you need is a little know how and a whole lot of determination. We're very happy with our current and upcoming projects and I look forward to sharing them with all of you as they're completed.

I should also send a shout out to all of you, who've stuck with me through all of this and are still here. I appreciate all of you and am thankful for all of your friendship. You mean much more than you could ever know.