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Sandi's Fight For Life

I've been made aware that a few of my links to Sandi's Fight For Life paypal donation account aren't working. I just wanted to let you know that you can find the working link, here!

Did I mention that if you donate, let me know and you'll receive 10 entries into each giveaway on my site!

30 Days of Truth: Day 23

Day 23 - Something you wish you had done in your life?
Honestly, I wish we would have just bypassed the 5 years of trying to conceive and just did a cycle of ICSI to begin with. It would have saved a LOT of heart ache and a lot of time but we were in the right place at the right time and things were great. I love my son and couldn't be happier to have the little turkey! :)

What's something you wish you hadn't done?

Top Commentator - August

Top Commentator
for the month of August is...

Untypically Jia!!!

Stop by and tell her hello.. who knows...
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Pediped Review & Giveaway

Pediped® is a leading innovator in children's footwear. They have a great line of footwear for children newborn to 6 years of age!! The new collection has over 70 styles in 3 different lines. This includes 25 Original® styles, 13 Grip 'n' Go™ and 39 styles in their Flex® line. This brings the total to over 120 different styles, total! You will be sure to find the perfect pair for those precious little feet in your family.

Pediped® was created in 2004 when Angela and Brian Edgeworth were determined to find the perfect soft soled show for their daughter. The amazing quality, superb comfort and gorgeous styling has made this award winning company THE fastest growing footwear brand for children in the United States! Pediped footwear is sold in over 3,000 stores in the US and 40 countries worldwide! They also offer European sizing!!

Originals® - Pediped Originals are a perfect fit for children who are learning to walk. They are recommended by pediatricians as well as podiatrists due to having flexible soles that allow children to feel like they're walking barefoot. It's as close to bare as a a foot can get! Pediped Originals are designed for children newborn through 2 years old.

Grip 'n' Go™ - Pediped Grip 'n' Go's are the perfect fit for children who are making the transition between taking those early, unstable steps to walking with confidence. They are made with every benefit of Pediped Originals but with thin, flexible rubber soles, instead! They have rounded edges to mimic the natural shape of those little tootsies with heel stability and a soft toe which allows your child to feel and grip the floor or ground. Pediped Grip 'n' Go's are designed for children 9 months through 3 years old.

Flex® - Pediped Flex are the perfect fit for confident walkers. Those who have developed a solid, natural stride. Pediped Flex's are designed for children 1 year through 6 years old.

Pediped® also has a vast array of socks, hosiery, jewelry and hair clips! Now you can accessorize to your fullest capability! Complete each of your toddlers outfits with some amazing pieces. I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Pediped Originals in the style Jake for review! 

Likes – I love the soft styling. I love that my son will be able to wear them for a long time to come and I don't have to worry about it messing up his feet. They're super lite, super soft and I can only imagine that they're comfortable as well. They have a great pad in the bottom that makes me want some in my size! :)

Dislikes – Nothing! They're great shoes!

Rating – 10 out of 10!

Would you like a pair of Pediped Originals for yourself or someone you love? Here's how you can!

Buy It! Visit Pediped and purchase a pair of Originals for $12-$42!

Win It! We were blessed enough to offer up a pair of Pediped Originals to one lucky reader!

HOW TO ENTER: Follow Pediped on facebook*THIS IS MANDATORY!*

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I want to send a special thank you to Pediped for sending us the review items. I was not compensated in any other way to write this post and all statements within it are my own, honest opinions.

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30 Days of Truth: Day 22

Day 22 - Something you've done that you wish you hadn't?
There are many things that I wish I hadn't done, when I think about it.. but overall, they've all made me who I am today and I do have to say that I don't regret any of them.

If I had to choose one, I wish I wouldn't have decided to send our foster daughter off. I miss her so much and looking back, I wish I would have held out longer and hopefully taken her out of the situation that she was in.

I am, however, grateful that things turned out the way that they are and that I was able to carry my son to term and that he was born and still is extremely healthy. I can't regret that, at all!

What's something you wish you hadn't done?

30 Days of Truth: Day 21

Day 18 - What would you do if your best friend, whom you previously got into an argument with an hour before, was in a car accident?
I would feel so horrible. One of my main beliefs is to never leave an argument undone. My biggest fear is that I didn't say goodbye, I love you or something of the like to someone before I or they leave. Then they'll get into an accident (or myself) and one of us will forever live with the guilt of not saying goodbye or leaving things on good terms. So to combat this.. I do everything I can to make sure I'm leaving every situation on great terms. :)

If I did, however, I would rush to the hospital and pray to god that they were okay. If, god forbid, they weren't, of course I would always blame myself.

What would you do??

30 Days of Truth: Day 20

Day 20 - Your views on drugs or alcohol?
I think they're both bad for you. I'm not really big on either. I think they're bad for your health, all the way around and I, myself, choose not to do either. However, these are my opinions and I don't pass judgment on anyone else. EXCEPT drugs.. if you do them, please don't come around me or my family. I can't/will not get myself or my family involved in that. At all!

What's your view on drugs/alcohol?

30 Days of Truth: Day 19

Day 19 - Your views on religion and/or politics?
My views on religion is that I believe in God, my heavenly father, and his son, Jesus Christ. I believe in the holy spirit that helps guide me and I believe that when we die, we're all told the truth about God. These are my beliefs and I don't care what anyone else believes. Everyone should have their own belief and I'm okay with that. Everyone should have the right to choose what they believe and I love that. I don't force my beliefs on anyone else and I would appreciate you not doing it to me, as well.

As for politics.. that's a hard one. I believe our politicians are exactly what we make them to be. They are a reflection of ourselves and we need to take promoting them way more seriously. With that said, I also think that regardless of how much we know about people, they may not do things differently than we wanted. I think we need to hold our politicians more accountable for their decisions and ultimately I think we, as the American public, should have the right to veto or go above/beyond their decisions if seen fit by a majority vote. Even if it isn't NOVEMBER 15th!

What's your view on religion and/or politics?

Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile.
All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I use an pretty popular cell service and we're thinking of making the switch when our contract expires in December. After reviewing many different companies, their services and their plans, it's great to be able to share one with you guys. This one happens to be Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile is a company that lets you choice and control the minutes you have and lets you Re-Boost as needed. You control how you'd like to Re-Boost, by choosing either over the phone, in person or online! You decide what you're comfortable with and re-boost your phone. You can schedule automatic payments or make one-time payments... either/or, you'll be re-boost'ed in no time and you'll be on your way! No need to worry about running over and getting charged horrendous overages! Boost Mobile has super flexible payment options that can be paid online, in person or over the phone. Payments are easy to make and can also be schedule in advance. You can use your debit/credit card for one time payments or schedule for automatic payments so you don't have to bother with payments.

Boost Mobile phones are great for not only talking to long lost relatives, or friends but they're also great for keeping updated with facebook, twitter, etc! I know that I have to have internet and my social networking sites on my phone. It's hugely important for me to keep up with things like that. If I don't I have like 900 messages to go through when I get home and it's easily becomes overwhelming. If I keep up with it as it comes in then it's no big deal at all. I know I am pretty diligent when it comes to updating facebook while I'm off my computer. I'm always updating from my phone and will continue to do so in the future, for sure. I'm actually shopping around for better/easier features than the ones that I have now. Email is another feature that is a must have for me. I like to be accessible to people (even through email) and this is a great way to keep tabs on it. We recently turned the internet off on our phones (to save a little extra money) and believe me.. my husband is hearing about it. It's definitely a must have and I just may die without it. I feel so out of touch and I HATE it.

Did you know that Boost Mobile offers unlimited connectivity to facebook/twitter or any other social network site for one low price, per month? That's rad!

One huge thing that turns me off about those 'pay as you go' plans, or the like, is that they don't have very tech savy phones. They have phones that LOOK like they should have been back in the 80's - if the 80's had standard flip phones. That's a HUGE turn off for me. The great thing about Boost Mobile is that they have some great phones!! They have Blackberry phones and great Blackberry plans! They also have the Motorola i1 and great plans for that phone, as well!!

I'm sorry but there's really nothing better than paying $50 per month for unlimited talk, text AND web!!! ($60 for Blackberry Unlimited) That is just icing on the cake, for me! As I said, they also have a pay as you go option that is SUPER easy to use, as well!
Visit my sponsor: Reboost

Head Organics, Joey Junior & The Diaper Sprayer - WINNERS!

The winner of the giveaway from

Head Organics

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 Congrats HOA!!
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Joey Junior (purse hanger)

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 Congrats mitch1066!!
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Joey Junior (purse organizer)

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The Diaper Sprayer

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 Congrats Katie!!

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You have 48 hours from the time that the email is sent to confirm your prize. If you fail to do so within that time period, you forfeit your prize and an alternate winner will be chosen. If you fail to receive your confirmation email, please email me at stephanie[at]mynewlifeasmom[dot]com from your winning email address stating that you claim your prize. This email must be sent by Wednesday, September 2, 2010 at 12:00pm, PST.


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Hop Along Friday

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This weeks featured blog is #131 from last week!

Hot Summer Fun For Baby Giveaway

If you haven't heard of this contest, yet, you simply must stop what you're doing to go enter it. Yes, I mean like right now. Four 'hot' brands are bringing you and your baby a super amazing giveaway of the summer. Don't have a baby? Then you're going to be loved at the next baby shower! These products are simply too good to pass up!

Mutsy, Kokopax, Kushies and Pediped are bring you the must have giveaway of the summer! Curious which products they're giving away? Well, if you must know! Here's the run down..

Mutsy is bringing a super cool Funseat which is a super cool ride that lets toddlers 'steer' and ride along. They're also throwing in a Funseat Duffle Bag which is super great for packin ' baby's stuff in to take along with you. Oh and they're also throwing in a super rad and sleek 4 Rider frame to go with the Funseat!

Kushies is thrown down with a $100 gift basket filled to the brim with Kushies' award winning Zolo toy line. Kushies toys encourage self-expression, build self confidence and inspire the imagination. Zolo's progressive design stimulates the recruitment of a greater variety of brain cells than traditional baby products, which helps to create a more open minded, flexible thinker.

Kokopax is dropping the ball! They're trowing in the Eco-Classic carrier, the premium carrier in the stylish kokopax collection! Incorporating the latest technology in green textile printing and consumer safety. Boasting a 5 point harness, the Eco-Classic carrier assures safety and security for both the carried AND the carrier. The Eco-Classic also has this super cook kickstand feature which is great for loading and unloading. No more waiting for your baby to stand to use your carrier because you have a hard time loading them in it. Just stand them up and get settled. Oh and to sweeten the pot, they're also throwing in one of their super precious baby sun hats! :)

Pediped. Oh how I heart Pediped! They're not playing around with this contest.. they're throwing in not one... not two... but THREE pairs of shoes from their Grip 'n' Go Collection! The Grip 'n' Go collection is perfect for those little feet that are now underneath them and raring to go! From early walkers to those with confidence. The rounded edges mimic the shape of your little ones foot and the heel stability and soft toe box allow your little one to feel and grip the surface they're standing on.

Please remember that there will be one winner for each prize selection. Ie: one person will win the Mutsy collection, a different winner will win the Kushies gift basket, a different person will win the Kokopax collection and someone else will win the Pediped Collection. Get it? So go enter because you now have 3 more chances to win!

So are you curious how you're supposed to enter? It's EASY! A-B-C... EASY as 1-2-3!! Sorry, I had two. When things make you happy, you just have to sing! :)

To enter: click the image at the top of the screen or...


You have until September 30, 2010 to enter!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste®

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste.
All opinions are 100% mine.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste® is a great product for relieving your little one's diaper rash or for even keeping your diaper rash at bay. Is your baby's bum prone to getting a little red in warm weather or on a long car ride? Try rubbing on a little Boudreaux's Butt Paste and they'll be good to go at the end of the day. *I do recommend you change their diaper frequently, too!* Everyone I know, that has tried it has loved it, including myself!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste® is a skin protectant that has been featured on Oprah, The Tonight Show, The Today's Show, People Magazine, ESPN and While You Were Out on TLC. Boudreaux's Butt Paste contains 16% zinc oxide and Peruvian Balsam which treats diaper rash and soothes irritated skin.
Note: If you would like to use Boudreaux's in conjunction with cloth diapers, please use a fleece liner or disposable insert to line your shell to prevent Boudreaux's from coming in contact with your diaper shell. It can cause your diapers to repel, if it does.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste® was formulated and designed by a pharmacist under the guidance of a respected pediatrician to help alleviate and provide effective diaper rash care. So as you can imagine, it's Pediatrician recommended!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste® goes on easily and comes off cleanly and super simply, too! No more wasting wipes trying to clean them off and remove all the old cream. It also has a pleasant smell, unlike some other bum creams that I've used. Another great thing about Boudreaux's is that it comes in 5 convenient sizes (1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz and 16oz) to make changing your little one easier! Simply take the small trial size with you for quick runs to the store or put a standard tube in the diaper bag so you're all ready to go. The flip top caps make changing on the go super simple! Place the 16oz tube in the nursery on the changing table and you'll be ready to go for many diaper changes to come.

Want to try before you buy? Head on over to Boudreaux's and follow the instructions to get your free sample!

Visit my sponsor: Boudreaux's Butt Paste

30 Days of Truth: Day 18

Day 18 - Your views on Gay Marriage?
You want to know my views on gay marriage? My views are that while I don't completely understand having a love for the same sex, I do understand love. Especially loving someone that people may not be too fond of. I know how hard it is for your family to accept the relationship and accept that you truly love them.

I do believe that you can't help who you fall in love with and who am I to tell someone that they can't love someone. If I, as a female, am allowed to marry the person I love, why can't someone else marry the person they love? Who am I to judge? It's so ridiculous that our society teaches others not to judge and 'read a book by it's cover' but isn't that exactly what we're teaching our children? That a marriage between a man and a woman is above that of two men or two women? It's not fair.

I am a HUGE believer that everyone is equal. It's what my religion teaches. It's who I am. Now I'm not perfect but I certainly try not to put myself above others. Regardless of who you love, your marriage means a much to me as any other, regardless of gender. 

What's your view on gay marriage?

Walmart.com - Parent's Choice

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products.
All opinions are 100% mine.

Now, I'm sure many of you know that I didn't use formula with my son. He was and is still exclusively breast fed. However, I have previously used Parents Choice formula, before, with children that I've babysat, fostered, etc. Many other formulas were tried and this one seemed to be the best formula with the least amount of side effects (gas, spit up, etc). If I had to use formula (as I've recently spoke about) Parent's Choice would be my first choice. Anyway, have you noticed Parent's Choice new packaging? Isn't it cute?! I love how it's simpler and doesn't look like many of the common formula packages. It's simple, easy to read and clean. I like that. I love the little heart on the front where it says Parent's Choice. I also like how it has the age recommendations and all it's benefits right on the label.

Now I do have to say that the formula is still the same. You know, “New Look... SAME great taste” type of thing. The size of formula is still the same as well. Don't worry, you don't have to worry about your formula shrinking like you favorite brand of ice cream. Parent's Choice is still the same size, same value! Speaking of value and prices... did you know that Parent's Choice has lowered some of it's prices? In this economy, you can't ask for anything better. You can now get Parent's Choice Advantage for $11.88 in most Walmart stores! Or if you don't want to run down to your local Walmart, or don't have a Walmart near you, did you know that Walmart Online will be selling the formula online very soon and will also be offering FREE shipping! Are you kidding me? FREE shipping, people!

If you're worried about using a generic formula, you don't have to! Parent's Choice is made by PBM Products and continues to meet all strict FDA guidelines just like all those big national brands! They offer complete nutrition for your baby's health and development as well as offers DHA & ARA to help support brain and eye development.

If you haven't, yet, visit Parents Choice Formula for more information and to access their Savings Calculator or visit them on Facebook!

Visit my sponsor: WALMART.com – Parent’s Choice

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The Tally... so far!

This is the tally for Top Commentator for the month of AUGUST! You still have 6 days left to enter!

1.  Cindy @ This Adventure Our Life (9)
2.  Baby Sweetness (5)
3. TIED:
     sara (3)
     cynthia krajkarski (3)
     katie s (3)
     belly charms (3)
     joanna (3)
4. TIED:
     alesia (2)
     lisa (2)
     kayla (2)
     one southern girl (2)
     liz (2)
     the nielson's (2)
     render me mama (2)
     jenny (2)
     tara (2)
     susieqtpies (2)
ANYONE CAN WIN! Get those comments in! The winner will receive their blog button on my side bar (in a special spot) for ONE MONTH!

This is a contest run by me. The winner will not be chosen by random.org. In order to win, you must generate the most comments on My new life as... MOM! All comments MUST be under the same name to count. Spam comments will NOT be counted, nor will multiple comments in a row. The winner will be announced on the last day of every month and the 125x125 ad will be placed on or before the first day of the next month. This is not a sponsored post and nothing was received for my time, writing or my effort. All opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine. If you have any questions, please email stephanie[at]mynewlifeasmom[dot]com

30 Days of Truth: Day 17

Day 17 - A book you've read that changed your views on something?
Hmmmm. Oh! This one is a hard one. I'm not one of those people that are super impressionable about things so I don't generally believe all the things I hear or read. However, I'm going to take the easy way out on this one and say the Twilight Series. When I first heard about the mayhem going on with Twilight and all the crazy, psycho Twilight fans taking over the world, I was so over it. I didn't read the books. I didn't watch the movies. I didn't care. It was rediculous that so many people were so IN.LOVE with Twilight.

Who cares!! IT'S.A.STUPID.BOOK.PEOPLE!!!!! COME ON!! That is... until I read it. I turned into the person I trash talked. Me! I became a crazy, psycho Twilight fan! And... I even did the unthinkable!!! I took sides! I'm team Edward all the way, baby! I have a Twilight calendar in my kitchen and have the boxed set of hardbacks right on my side table next to my recliner! I am a Twilight adict and I could eat Edward in a heartbeat. HA! He's delicious!

What book has changed your views on something?

Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels.
All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you seen the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes? This stuff is CRAZY! Click Here It's completely easy to enter and you don't have to be a Hilton Honors member, nor are you required to have previously stayed there! Anyone can win! If you haven't entered, yet, you should! You can't win if you don't enter!

The Grand Prize Winner will receive an entire hotel to themselves and their friends!! This comes down to 100 rooms for 2 nights for 100 of your closest friends. Or 100 random strangers. However, if you were going to do 100 random strangers you might as well just go to the hotel down the street because it would be the same thing. If you win, you can always invite me because I would invite you if I won. :) The Grand Prize Winner will also receive $5,000 to pay for tax fees, as well! Can't beat that!

Dude. If I won, I would invite just about everyone I knew. It would be like a huge reunion all at once! Could you imagine?! Oh and what's funny is... I wonder if they would provide a free breakfast to you and all your buddies. Hmmm... that would be great! DUDE! You could just open all the doors into each room (you know the doors in the rooms that connect the rooms together?) You could open those and just run from one end of the hotel to the other!! NICE! You know everyone in there so it's not like you'd be invading someone's space. That would be like a hotel take-over. Could you imagine?

What would you do with a hotel full of your 100 closest friends?
Who would you invite? 

Visit my sponsor: Chain-of-Friends Grand Prize

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My Little Lamb

Sweet P Organic Baby Care Set - $50

Sweet P Organic Baby Care Set includes:

*baby oil
*bottom butter
*talc-less powder
*cleansing bubbles

All you would need to keep that precious little bundle of yours smelling fresh, clean and feeling that way, as well.

Sweet P Organic Baby Care Set comes in cotton muslin bags and is 100% certified Organic!

My Little Lamb is a company created and run by myself and is a member of the OpenSky community. My goal is to bring you great products that I would use on myself or my family. If, at any time, you have any questions about me or the products listed on My Little Lamb, please send an email to mylittlelamb@opensky.me and I will do my very best to help you out.

30 Days of Truth: Day 16

Day 16 - Someone or something you COULD live without?
I've could live without a lot of things; saurkraut, beets, dumb movies, peach cobbler, cantelope, honey dew, burger king, cloth diapers (even though I sometimes wish we didn't have to), etc. It may be tough at first but you can live without many things, really.

I could also live without our neighbor next door. He's lived there just about 2 months, or so and so far not only has he driven me BONKERS with his stupid weed eating of his ENTIRE YARD for TWO.STRAIGHT.DAYS... but he's also sprayed half of OUR yard with his weed killer and somehow managed to kill a HUGE spot of grass that isn't even close to his side of the yard. Thanks, buddy! We work damn hard to keep our grass green and trimmed nicely and we'd appreciate it if you refrained from spraying it with plant killer.If we have weeds in our yard, we'll take care of them, thanks! Grr.

Who or what could you life without?

Because you all R.O.C.K!!

I don't know if you guys realize it, or not... but you guys are amazing! The readers that I have on my site have shown me more love than anyone could ever ask for an it's about freggin time that I pay you back. It isn't much but it's the best way that I know how, at this point. If I get any other ideas, I will include those as well!

I will be keeping track of our monthly commentators and the person with the most comments will get their blog button placed in the "TOP COMMENTER" spot for the following month! Just so you all know, giveaway posts DO NOT COUNT! The reason that I'm not counting these posts is because many people sop by to enter contests and many of them don't come back often for anything other than more giveaways. I want to recognize those who actually pay attention to the things that I write about. Yes... YOU!

August is still open! The first winner has not been chosen, yet! So hurry and get those comments in before the winner is crowned!

This is a contest run by me. The winner will not be chosen by random.org. In order to win, you must generate the most comments on My new life as... MOM! All comments MUST be under the same name to count. Spam comments will NOT be counted, nor will multiple comments in a row. The winner will be announced on the last day of every month and the 125x125 ad will be placed on or before the first day of the next month. This is not a sponsored post and nothing was received for my time, writing or my effort. All opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.
If you have any questions, please email stephanie[at]mynewlifeasmom[dot]com

I signed up for SocialSpark!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

SocialSpark is a website that brings companies and bloggers together to sponsor conversation. It's quick and easy to sign up. I completely the process in less than 10 minutes and didn't have any issues signing up.

SocialSpark brings you unique opportunities to post about great products and earn money while doing so! You're not required to post about anything nor are you required to post about every product that they connect you with. Not at all. SocialSpark brings you great opportunities to post about the products you love and use, already! It's a great way to talk about the things you love and earn money in the process! What could be better than that?

The thing I like best about SocialSpark is that they're 100% honest with their bloggers AS well as allow you to be 100% honest with your readers. I believe in being completely honest with all of you and I would NOT join a company that didn't have the same code of ethics. If you would like to read more about their code of ethics, please click here.

Would you like to sign up for SocialSpark and start earning money on posts you're interested in writing about anyway? Here's how you can!

Visit SocialSpark and sign up! Take 10 minutes to enter your blog/website information and confirm your blog. Once the sign up process is complete, there are many unique opportunities awaiting your participation! Simply choose what you'd like to write about, read the criteria and go! Easy Peasy!

If you sign up, let me know! I'd love to see what great products you write about!

Visit my sponsor: I Signed Up for SocialSpark!

Uprinting Giveaway

Uprinting Printing Company is a great place to fulfill that dream of having your own business card. Don't you hate it when you see someone you haven't seen in a long time and when they ask for your phone/email, etc you have to dig for a pen and paper? Well no more! Just grab a premium business card from Uprinting and you're all set to go. Uprinting carries a great line of business cards from standard cards to square, slim and specialty shapes! Uprinting doesn't only do business card printing but they also carry other printing necessities! Brochures, flyers, greeting cards, letterhead, and much much more!

Would you like to have 500 premium business cards for yourself or someone you love? Here's how you can!

Buy It! Visit Uprinting and purchase 500 premium business cards for around $34!

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Congrats to the winner, Ruth!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bryton Pick Review

Bryton Pick is a reusable, stainless steel flosser that is discreet and easy to use! It comes in a variety of fashionable colors for every personality!

Likes: I love that the stainless steel edges are as thin as floss and the fact that it's easy and convenient to use. I love that it's reusable for up to 30 days and it's less impact than one time use floss. I also love that since it's stainless steel it is germ resistant!

Dislikes: We have a few issues with this type of system. The stainless steel is so thin that it bends and 'wrinkles' easily. If you don't possition it correctly, it folds and kind of crumples up which makes it hard for me to believe that it lasts 30 days. It's barely lasted a few with me. Yikes. I also have a issue with the fact that it's kind of rough on the gums. I know you're not supposed to run it up into the gums but the few times that my husband even got close, his gums bled like a stuck pig. (he brushes, flosses and uses mouth wash twice a day, everyday). So I'm not sure what the issue is.

If you would like to view the video to see how the Bryton Pick is used, please feel free to click here.

Rating: 5 out of 10 - It's a great idea but I wouldn't purchase it. My husband wasn't too thrilled, either.

Would you like to try the Bryton Pick for yourself or give it to someone you love? Here's how you can!

Buy It! Visit Bryton Pick and purchase a 12 pack for $19.95!

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Confessions of an At-Home Mom

I'm starting to wonder if I should change the name of my blog to just that... "Confessions of an At-Home Mom".

Now back to what I want to confess about...

*DISCLAIMER - This post is personal. It's about me. It's about my son. My life. My family. It's about what means most to me and if you do take the time to read it and leave a comment, please be respectful. All comments are reviewed and nasty comments will be deleted. If you do feel the need to judge me and want to leave a nasty comment, please feel free to email me directly at: stephanie[at]mynewlifeasmom[dot]com.*

Today was an interesting day. It started off well at home, relaxing with my boys. Today was J's 9 month appointment and we had to be there by 1 o' clock pm. We made it on time, as usual and got all set up. He was weighed, measured and poked. He received one shot and we talked about the last couple months of J's development as well as how I've been handling mother hood.

J - 9m 11d
17 pounds 10 ounces - 7th Percentile
28 1/2 inches long - 50th Percentile
18 1/2 inch head - 75th Percentile

As for how I'm handling motherhood, great! There were a few things I wanted to ask about, however.

One. I find myself getting grumpy over the dumbest things. It's been getting more frequent and I hate it. Not with J, so much, but more with adults. I've been talking to my friends and some of the things they say just get my goat and I seriously just want to tell them to screw off. I get pissed off and snap back. Up until the last couple days I've blamed it on them. I've wondered what's crawled up their butt and why they were taking it out on me. Now? Now I realize that maybe it wasn't them after all. I've been getting pretty 'snappy' with everyone lately and I feel like such a horrible friend. Who would do such a thing to those they love? I hate that I've treated people this way.

Two. Everyday has put a tighter and tighter strain on mine and J's breastfeeding relationship. I love nursing him. It's so easy! What I don't love, however, is that his top teeth are causing such a problem with our latch/nursing experience. The more they grow in, the more painful it becomes and the harder it is to nurse him. I have nursed him for 9.5 months and every day has become harder. My goal has always been to make it to one year. It would devastate me to give up early. Not only because I want to give my son the very best for the first year of life, but also because I would be embarrassed to tell someone (later in life) that I stopped at 9 months. I am so damn competitive that I simply can't give up now. If others can make it a year, I have to, too. However, when I am crying every single time he nurses, this is where it becomes a problem and we need to rethink our planning. I've tried every different position. Every different latching technique and every different tool that I can think of. He wont take a nipple shield, at all. He just tries to bite it, which makes it worse.

Not to mention that I'm so tired lately that everything is making it worse. I love my dr and trust him with our lives. He explained that the mood shift is par for the course. He thinks that a teething baby, lack of sleep, extreme pain when nursing, etc... is the cause for my moodiness and I'm right at the cusp of things getting better. J will get a little bit older and a little less needy. A little easier in a since. (harder in another). We talked about when we should wean and what would be an appropriate time. His comment was, "9 months is an honorable amount of time to breastfeed! If you feel like nursing is contributing to your mood swings, it's not worth it to continue. Sometimes sanity for the entire family is a little more important than continuing to nurse." The one thing that helps me with this is that he will only be on formula for 2.5 months which, in turn, isn't an extreme amount of time to be on it before he can go to cows milk. However, I don't want to feel like a failure to him or anyone else I know. I want to make it to 12 months. Oh how I wish to make it to 12 months. I want it to be easy for me or even tolerable but when you're nursing a piranha, it's a little difficult when you think that this could go on for another TWO.AND.A.HALF.MONTHS! He has to be in the PERFECT position and that takes some work, some things to prop him up and a wide space for me to sit on. It's definitely not easy, but it works, for now. Nursing in public, however, fail!

On top of all of this, Senior and I have been way too busy (and exhausted) lately to do pretty much anything. We've had a hard time keeping up with daily chores and one thing that has gone to the way side is laundry. I've been able to keep up with diapers but it's getting very difficult. The system that I have current (and even the one I want to get) will require me to use half the stash on day one while the second half is in the laundry. Then while the first half is being washed on day two, the second half will be used. So essentially I'm still doing one load of laundry per day. PLUS, it's not just a load of laundry. It's in the washer for 3 wash/rinse cycles and in the dryer for 2 full drying cycles. It ends up taking up space for like 4 hours and when you only have a few hours a day to get house work done.. it can be a chaotic mess. I've been so exhausted that the last thing I want to be doing at the end of the day is spraying out cloth diapers or staying up late to get them finished, as I have been. I mean it's bad enough that J gets up 4-5 times per night. I'd kind of like to get some sleep at some point.

Needless to say, decisions had to be made at some point in time. I try not to say I failed but I have a hard time not thinking that. My mom hit the nail on the head when she said, "You can't think of it as you failed! You have to think of it as he's growing up and moving from one point of his life... to another. He's extremely healthy and has received the absolute best for 9.5 months! What more can you ask for?" It will take a while for me to get this through my head though, I'm sure.

As a family we've decided two things and come to a realization in the process. We will continue breastfeeding but at home only. J is a large kid and I am a small mom. J is almost half my size and it's so hard to try to get him latched on in a position that doesn't just kill me. Then I have no room to prop him up (football hold - only one that even helps the pain) so he's squirming, trying to nurse, screaming because he's not getting anything and I'm trying to get my boob in his mouth, hold him in the right position, hold the nursing cover down, hold his hands from pinching my boob (to get it in his mouth). Etc. It's an endless battle that is completely impossible without getting milk EVERYWHERE, soaking my outfit AND his.. showing the entire room my breast and having him scream because it's just not working as he'd like it to. We will nurse at home and formula feed when we're out in public. (We're usually only out 2 days per week so I'm okay with that.)

We've also decided to switch back to disposable diapers. I know how bad this sounds and I truly feel awful about it but when it comes down to it.. I NEED the help from my husband and he just doesn't understand cloth diapers. He doesn't get it, regardless of how many times I show him. It confuses him. You should see the way my son comes out with the diaper on. Many times the front flaps are hanging out his leg holes and many many times it has leaked and it's useless. Not to mention that J is having HORRIBLE diaper rash. He has a very strong pee and lately has had a horrible bout with diarrhea. I've put him in disposables to save the cloth diapers from the nastiness. Not only is it EVERYWHERE but it gives him instant diaper rash. The only way I can even keep it under control is to SLATHER on some extra strength diaper rash cream. It prevents future potty from coming in contact with his skin. (I've removed foods from our diet, looked at everything we've done and can't figure out what's causing it.. the dr is watching us both closely to see what's going on).

Lastly, we've realized that we need to stop worrying about what people will think of our decisions and do what is right for our family. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, our family is what matters and over all, we need to do what is right for us and do what keeps us sane.

Thank you for reading my vent. I guess I'm more just trying to get this out there, rather than looking for input. But please, feel free to leave comments if you'd like to.

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30 Days of Truth: Day 15

Day 14 - Someone or something you couldn't live without (because you tried!)?
For obvious reasons I would say that I couldn't live without my son or my husband. However, for the sake of keeping you all interested in and to keep you reading.. I'll go with something else.

I have tried to live without this and it seriously can't make it happen... internet. I live far away from family and don't even have any family within the same state so 99% of my daily interaction is through instant messengers, video chats and through networking sites. I need to keep in touch with them. Of course I need to talk to all of you, as well. I couldn't imagine my life without my blog and I would seriously be sad if something happened to it or I wasn't able to post here anymore. It's therapeutic and I need it.

Who or what could you not live without?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blush Accessories WINNER

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