Life with 3 Princesses & a Super Hero

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am 27 glorious years old. I am married to the most amazing guy, the Mister, and have been for almost 9 beautiful years. He is truly everything that completes me and makes me happy, frustrated, inspired and honest. I love him so. After 5 years of infertility, he and I were blessed with four of the most amazing children. Our quadruplets that were born on different days;

Little Mister (aka Super Hero): He is four years old and completely spontaneous and silly. He is smart and gracious, clumsy and not afraid to be sweet and help his sisters whom he adores. He loves to play with kids much older than he but doesn't shy away from playing "babies" with his sisters, even if they're driving a truck or riding a horse. He still loves to cuddle with Mommy and is the best little helper, ever. He's a natural born leader and oh how I love him so.

B (aka Princess #1): She is two years old and a natural twin. She is wild and crazy, gentle and nurturing. She is our little social butterfly and loves to say "HELLO" to people she doesn't know. She isn't fond of new people in new situations but usually warms up quickly, regardless. She loves (fake) horses but is terrified of real ones. She is best friends with her older brother. She's also our first one to get into trouble for doing something she shouldn't have. This girl is my breath.

R (aka Princess #2): She is two years old and a natural twin. She is reserved and often found sitting in a corner watching others. She doesn't like people she doesn't know and is definitely our sassy pants drama queen. She is sweet but dominating. She loves to play on her own and is often found watching her siblings from afar or cuddling on the couch with Mommy while Super Hero and Princess #1 are playing upstairs. She loves to "help" Mommy, even if it means that Mommy needs to bite her tongue and hold her breath. :) She's my reason for getting up every day.

Em (aka Princess #3): She is less than a month old (born Jan 2014) and is the quietest, most pleasant princess around. She holds true to her princess status and is a true sleeping beauty. She is quiet, content and a truly joyful last addition to our family. I couldn't imagine my life without this little missy.

While our kids are different ages, they were all fertilized and conceived at the same time.  Miracles work in mysterious ways, eh? My amazing miracles are the result of IVF (in-vitro fertilization). I am so grateful for every single struggle we have gone through to get our four amazing little miracles.