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Victor - Keep those pests at bay!

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With winter time underway, I think it's important to take a second to think about a dirty side of life. During this time of year it is very common for animals to want to come in the house where it's warm, dry and for many it offers an endless supply of food. Keeping pests at bay is a huge priority in our home as I refuse to live with wild mice/rats in our house. I say wild because my family has been known to have rats as pets. PET RATS, mind you. Regardless, if you're worried about fuzzy little creatures rummaging about in your house at night, maybe it's about time you took a look at Victor.

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Victor is a company that specializes in rodent control using a wide variety of products, including electronic traps. Electronic traps are safe to use around children and other larger pets. They are 100% effective, humane and non-toxic! The best part is.. you don't have to worry about carrying a dead rodent out to the garbage. Electronic traps are a no see-no touch solution to common mouse traps. Not only do they have products to remove the little critters from you home but they also have products to keep them away, as well.

Do you have a rodent problem that you need a little help with? No worries! Victor is currently running a promotion to help you out. Victor Protect Your Space Combo Kit sells for $99.99 and with that you receive; (1) Victor Sonic PestChaser Heavy Duty Sonic, (2) Victor Sonic Mini PestChaser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, (2) Victor Electronic Mouse Trap. You will also receive FREE SHIPPING!!!

Unsure of what PestChasers are? It's okay! I didn't know either. PestChasers are a great alternative to using mouse traps. PestChasers are kinder and safer than traditional traps and eliminate the need for disposing of disease bearing critters. PestChasers emit a frequency that is inaudible to humans and pets alike and will reduce the pest activity within your house within 6-10 days of use. They also last 5 to 7 years! That's a small price to pay to keep your house mouse/rat free for 5-7 years! Unfortunately, ultrasonic sound can not penetrate furniture or walls so additional units will need to be installed for multiple room use. Still unsure? PestChasers are the only rodent repellents that are backed by third party research and have been through exhaustive field tests. Victor was also granted registration by the Canadian EPA (PMRA) due to their strict testing standards on electronic rodent repellent devices.

Unfortunately I know about mice a little too well. My mom is currently battling a mice problem in her house and instead of using a horrendous rat poison, I'm trying to convince her to buy some electronic mouse repellents. It's so much healthier, safer and easier to use! These would also be great for use in barns around horse feed. You don't have to worry about pets getting into rat poison or ingesting poisoned pests and it will eliminate your pest problem.

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