Thursday, February 09, 2012

Clipix - A Virtual Pinboard

Have you heard of virtual pinboards? If not, you're missing out on an amazing part of technology right now. Pinboards are places where you can clip ideas, lists, etc. to refer back to later. For instance, have you ever been online and seen an amazing recipe you wanted to try only to loose where you seen it and not be able to find it when you needed it? This is exactly where a pinboard comes in handy.

clipix is a virtual pinboard that allows you to clip ideas, recipes, diy projects, photos of favorite destinations, etc all onto one place so you can have one easy place to refer back to. I use Clipix to save my favorite recipes. It's like a ginormous box of recipe cards all without having to print or write a single thing.

This is a screen shot of my dessert board on Clipix.

The best part about Clipix is that you can organize your Clips into boards. Since I use mine for recipes, I have mine categorized into the following boards; Break FAST, Lunch Date, Snack Attack, Dinner Time and Dessert First. You can title your boards what you want and categorize them any way you wish. Check out clipix and sign up to see what you're missing. Also be sure to let me know what you're going to use Clipix for. I love to hear new ideas.

Clipix also offers an iPhone app for those interested. Now you can clip ideas on the go.

Be sure to check out Clipix on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on their latest ideas.

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