Thursday, March 29, 2012

Children’s Advil®

Did you know that according to TWO national surveys from the makers of Children's Advil®, more than half of all parents report feeling fearful, anxious or helpless when their child has a fever. In addition, the surveys also found that parents were not managing the fever correctly. 94% of pediatricians believe that parents need more training in fever management.

Children's Advil® has partnered up with nationally recognized pediatrician, Alanna Levine, M.D., to introduce a new fever relief program to help educate parents this cold and flew seasons. To teach parents common misconceptions and better practices when it comes to treating fevers in their little ones.

Dr. Alanna Levine and the makers of Children's Advil® recommend the following tips during this cold and flu season:


Stay Cool: Remember that most fevers are in fact indicators that the body is fighting an underlying illness.
Be Prepared: Start the season by talking to a pediatrician about proper fever management. Also, check the medicine cabinet to ensure that all medications have not expired or been recalled.
Watch for Serious Signs: Generally, it's time to call a pediatrician:
- if your child is less than three months old and has a fever of 100 degrees or higher;

- if the fever is over 103 degrees, no matter what the child's age;
- if the fever lasts more than three days;
- if your child has a fever and looks and acts very sick;
- if you are concerned regarding your child's health.
Long Lasting Relief: When choosing a fever medication, be sure to consider how long the medication will last. Children's Advil®, which contains ibuprofen, provides up to 8 hours of relief with one dose.

I must say, I much prefer to give my children Advil, if possible, over tylenol as not only was tylenol recalled but tylenol doesn't seem to have the same effect as a small dose of Advil does. It works better, faster and seems to make my son much more comfortable.

DISCLOSURE: I want to send a special Thank you to Children's Advil® for providing free product samples, the survey information and a gift pack.

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