Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dermagist - Review & GIVEAWAY

Ok. First before I delve into the inners of Dermagist and present to you the giveaway, I must first confess something. I suck at being girly. Well, let me rephrase that. I suck at taking care of my skin. It's just something I wasn't brought up doing so it's something that slips my mind frequently. I've been trying to be better at it but it's definitely something I have to work on.

When I was contacted by Dermagist, I knew that this was my chance. My chance to take care of my skin and in return, feel better about myself. Dermagist was kind enough to send me a Hydrating Spa System to try and 1 to give away. Their Hydrating Spa System includes three products, Hydro-renewal Hand Cream, Foot & Heel Revitalizing Cream & Hydropeutic Body Lotion. I have to say that I love them all.

The body lotion is perfect for my sensitive skin and eczema. It calms it pretty quickly and keeps me soft and moisturized all day without having to continuously re-apply like I have to do with other products.

The hand cream is perfect to keep my hands moisturized and soft. This takes a lot when I'm constantly washing bottles, my hands, cloths and diapers. My hands are constantly in water it seems like and this hand cream keeps them soft and smooth and crack free and that my friends, is not an easy task.

The Foot & Heel cream is another great find. I wear sandals nearly year round, even when it's raining and snowing outside. I know, I'm weird. Regardless, it creates some pretty rough and scaly feet. While the foot cream hasn't completely healed my feet, it keeps them super soft and makes them feel MUCH better. I haven't had a crack in my heel since I've used it which is saying a lot!

If you would like to try a hydrating spa system for yourself or gift it to someone you love, then leave me a comment and let me know. :) I will choose a winner on May 31st. :)

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