Tuesday, April 29, 2014

American Bandstand

At the beginning of the year, while enrolling my son in a new school, we were told about a play that the school puts on every year. It is comprised of the preschool through eighth grade and they started practicing soon after he started. While the preschool's part was small, Superhero was very excited about participating.

Several months later, while picking him up from school, we were going through our daily routine of asking how school was going and what he learned, enjoyed, was nervous about, etc. This particular occasion he started talking about being nervous about "acting like a bird and singing". I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I received a message from his teacher on Facebook. She explained that they practiced on the stage that particular day and that he was pretty nervous, almost to the point of tears. It all made sense.

My son is the type of person who needs to be forewarned about performing. I spoke with him about it and after a few discussions and a few days passed, he was ready to try again. He got up on stage and performed his little heart out. I received word from his teacher that he did a great job at practice that time. Whew!

Last night was his real performance. He was amazing. I was wondering if it wasn't going to be a disaster because he didn't want me to leave him. However, he finally let me go and did great! Here's a little video of him as he performs. If you see the little birds circling the "tv host" you'll see one who is slapping his thighs, er, I mean flapping his wings. :) That's my boy!

You can view the video by clicking, here.

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