Monday, December 01, 2008

Cross Your Fingers

Last night before going to bed Hubz reminded me that I had a doctor's appointment this morning around 10. THANK GOODNESS he reminded me because I completely forgot!!

I was going to the doctor because I was in a car accident 2 months ago and was rear-ended by a lady who was NOT paying attention and to make matters worse, when she did finally see that I was stopped (in front of her) at the stop light... she went to slam on the breaks, her foot slipped off and she slammed on the gas, instead. Lovely.

Since then, I've had HORRIBLE back pains that have proceeded to get worse and it's not migrating into a daily migraine. No pun intended.. if that was a pun. I am not even sure at this point. After so much pain, my brain is shot.

You may think that I am retarded for waiting for 2 months but you see.. if you go to the ER right after it happens they just tell you that you pulled a few muscles and to let it rest for a few weeks.. total waste of time. I had the appointment set before the accident to establish care with my primary care (whom my husband has been going to see for a while) so it just made sense to keep the appointment and just give my back time to heal before going in and wasting my time.

So now my doctor sent me for X-Ray's... all which came back normal. Next step is an MRI to make sure there aren't any hairline fractures or slipped disks, or any of the like. If all results normal, then we'll proceed with sterroid injections in my back in hopes that it will calm down the inflamation and go away. If the MRI results come back abnormal.. we're going to have to do surgery!!! Yes, surgery on my BACK!! My spine!! The thing that holds my spinal cord that connects to my BRAIN!! Nervous, yes, you could say so, that'd probably be a good guess at this point.

We'll see what the MRI results show.... until then, I just sit, in pain, and wait.

Happy Holiday's,

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