Monday, May 03, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday: The Stinkies...


  1. Awesome Rockin' Green, can not wait to try it!! Got to order, tomorrow...and stripping the dipes tomorrow also...!!

  2. I got some samples of Rockin' Green...


  3. Just stopping by to say hey! Happy PINT! Good luck with the diapers!

  4. Man, I don't even do the cloth, but I feel ya on the stinkies. At least mine can be gotten rid of with the trash I suppose. Haha. Oh, and your monkey man with the carrot on his face? That is awesome.

  5. Stopping by from Post It Note Tuesday. I have to say, I would rather nurse my babies until they are one, than do cloth diapers. Good for you.

  6. You go! So glad my kids are grown and gone right now just thinking about washing diapers. :-) I just have to say that that sweet baby face picture in your masthead with the little bit of drool is the cutest thing ever!!!

  7. Hi there!
    Im keren..nice to meet you!
    Wanted to let you know about the 500 business card giveaway going at over at my Craft blog!
    if you know anyone that would like to enter would you please let them know?
    Thank you and God bless!!!

    super cute post!!


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