Friday, October 29, 2010

Another great online school opportunity!

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I've talking to you all before about the benefits of getting your degree online and if you have failed to read those posts, I encourage you to read this one. The benefits are endless and it's extremely easy to do. And because bullets are much easier to read (and write) I'll give it in bullet form that way it will give you a quick review of why getting your online degree is not only easy to do but beneficial to you and your family.

  • Not only will you be able to participate in interactive online learning but you will also be able to participate in field based learning experiences. That means those of you who learn from reading AND those who learn from seeing will be good to go.
  • They have an amazing tuition reimbursement program as well as scholarships and an accelerated program that you can complete in as little as 12 months! No more trying to schedule 4-6 years of online classes with your family or friends. Get it done quickly!
  • You will have access to the MAT@USC Student Blog where you will be able to hear insights on the program from actual USC students.
  • You will become part of the MAT@USC team which was awarded for their innovative use of technology in education by AACTE.
  • You will also be able to enjoy technology videos that introduce interactivity.
  • You will also be the first cohorts of the MAT@USC to graduate in May.
  • You can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from the internationally renowned research institute that has a 100 year history of educating teachers to be 'agents of change'.
  • You will be attending a school that has been ranked #22 in the US and #9 among private universities by US News and World Report!
  • You will be given the opportunity to learn from distinguished USC faculty which have been recognized for their contributions to modern education.
  • When enrolling with USC you will receive full USC student status and benefits. You will be able to participate in commencement ceremonies and you will also receive free lifetime Alumni Association Memberships!

This is an opprotunity for you to become part of the elite USC Trojan Family! Don't put it off any longer. Imagine how much happier you will feel about becoming a better person for yourself and your family. No one ever leaves college after receiving their degree and says, "That was a waste of time". So stop putting it off. If a degree is what you're after... then take a look at USC's program information. They have a really great program.

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  1. I just sent off for information on this program. This would be a great program for me to take right now!


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