Sunday, November 21, 2010


First I wanted to apologize for not being around much, lately. Things get crazy the minute your son turns one, I tell ya! The little man's birthday was amazing and we were so blessed that so many of our friends were able to attend. It was a blast!

Second, I wanted to apologize for being horribly late on a couple giveaways/reviews, lately. I've been bombarded with review/giveaway requests as well as started a new part time job at a local shop here in town so you can say I've been over my head with things to do. So if you have a review/giveaway waiting to be posted, please be patient.. I only have 3 days per week where I only have an hour or two per day to get things posted on my blog and I do try to get everyone's posts out on time but I have been falling behind, horribly. I do apologize greatly for that. I am trying my best.

Thirdly, I do have to postpone the next couple days worth of posts. I just recently had my 4 wisdom teeth removed and I'm quite sore. I do promise, however, to get back on the bandwagon as soon as humanly possible to get more great giveaways up and posted.

Thank you all so much, you guys are great!


  1. Ouch! When I had my wisdom teeth out, I only did one side at a time so that it could heal before I had the other side done.

    I'm behind on my own blogs too, I was caught up for a while and it seemed so easy to write up a post...but when you get behind and have so many drafts sitting there waiting to be written it gets overwhelming when deciding which to do first!

    Here's to both of us getting caught up!

  2. Wisdom teeth out is no fun! Rest and eat lots of ice cream!!


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