Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Barrel: Not just any ol magazine!

I was contacted a while back asking if I wanted to host a blog post about a new magazine that was coming out and in return I would receive an ad on the back page. Of course I said yes. Not only for the advertising but I'm always interested in new magazines coming out and one about blogging?!? Are you kidding me? I'm all over that!

When I received word that The Barrel was published, I immediately ran over to check it out. It's great! Not only does it have great blog info, but it also has cooking tips, daily advice, craft ideas and how-to's and tons of laughs.

My favorite article was 'Tips From A Real Housewife'. Some were great and others were just pure genius! Here are a couple of my fav's.. the rest? You'll have to go read them yourself.

Fingernail polish also removes those annoying sticky tape marks off glass. - It's true!

Next time you're shining up your husband's chrome wheels try out baking soda. It works great! (so does making your husband shine his own chrome wheels)

Next time you have to change a lightbulb forget the ladder, go get a swivel chair. Then it will be a fun experience.

There's also a super hilarious story by Heidi Hadley in there. I'm not even going to try summing it up. The entire thing had me in tears and that's saying something. It was HILARIOUS! With a capital H-I-L-A-R... well, you get the point. It was damn funny. Especially the part about someone stalking her while driving home. Did I mention that I do that crap all the time?! FUH-NEY!

So go over and check out this amazing new mag, it's brilliant!


  1. Thanks for reading The Barrel! I'm glad you enjoyed!! We love to hear the feedback on what you like about the magazine!

  2. Thank you for the great post on Barrel. I will definiately be checking this magazine out!


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