Monday, May 18, 2009

13w5d - A Day of Reassurance

Today was our second OB appointment. Something I needed very badly, to go well. I wanted, so much, for her to say that our baby was doing well and that we were both right on track with things. I had a few questions and wasn't sure of the answers she was going to respond back with. The only real important one was about my hair loss. My hair has been falling out like CRAZY since finding out I'm pregnant. I mean in litteral CLUMPS. In the shower, when I brush it, in the morning when I get out of bed, all the time. Not to the extreme of someone having kemo, but pretty dang close. I don't seem to be getting bald but the amount that I am loosing made me worry. Doctor K reassured me that all was fine and it's normal for pregnant women to loose some hair ESPECIALLY if they were taking progesterone, like I was. She said that instead of dropping one at a time, it's dropping all the "dead" ones at the same time, trying to balance themselves out after being off the progesterone. I felt much better.

Then it came time for the nurse to check the heartbeat on the doppler. I was nervous, for this in particular, just because now was d-day, d-time! It was now or never. Either I was going to hear our little baby beating away in there, or I wasn't. Instantly upon touching the doppler to my belly, there was a loud, wush, wush, wush, wush. A perfect 154 beat per minute fetal heart tone. I couldn't have been happier. Our little Thumper was alive and well, in there squirming around, as usual. She kept having to chase Thumper around, trying to make the heart rate as clear as possible, but she was quick at learning Thumper's little tricks and catching him during his/her move.

Now I can see why all my online friends are having such a wonderful time with their dopplers, I couldn't imagine how that little sound coming from that maching could get old, it's very precious! I think I could listen to it all day long, really, I could.

I've gained 2 pounds!! YAY for me! After 4 days of hamburgers and fast food, finally some weight has kicked in. Our goal is still only 20-25 pounds, but doctor kim is very happy with my progress so far, and with the progress of the baby.

She wants to see us back in 2 weeks to do what's called a Quad Screen. It's just a blood test to measure 4 different hormones in my blood (that baby gives to me) to see if they're elevated which could indicate an increased risk of a few different issues with baby. Trisomy 21, trisomy 18, Trisomy 13, and a few others that she mentioned that I really can't remember. All I have replaying in my head is out little Thumper's heart beat. So we'll go back in for that and a quick ultrasound to make sure baby is doing well in there.

2 weeks AFTER that we'll go in for another routine OB appointment, then 3 weeks after THAT, we'll go in for our 20 week ultrasound and our appointment. I really can't wait. I finally feel like we're getting somewhere.

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  1. Glad you feel better now that you have seen the OB. I remember being so nervous when pregnant with Ethan (after suffering a miscarriage).

    Once the baby starts moving on a regular basis you will have a constant reminder :)


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