Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unsure of what's to come...

Tomorrow is my second OB appointment and I'll be 13w5d.
I'm nervous for a couple reasons:

1. We haven't seen or been updated about Thumper in over a month and I just want to know that everything is STILL fine and going as planned.

2. When you try for 4 years and month after month things fail you, you kind of expect things to go wrong and mess up on you.

3. I don't know what's happening at our next appointment. I don't know if she's just going to ask how I have been doing, then send me on my way, listen to hear a heartbeat but that's it, or if she's going to do a full blown ultrasound and the works.

So wish me luck that all goes well, I'll update as soon as I can.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! It's really hard between appointments isn't it? I hate the not knowing (can't say enough good things about the rented home doppler for peace of mind...) But, just's not long now till we'll be feeling the baby move.
    I'll check in during the day to see if you've updated. I really hope you get to see how baby is doing in there.


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