Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not Expecting That.... or that!

This morning I woke up to my husband getting our foster baby up and ready for breakfast, it was nice to sleep in, if only for a few more minutes. I felt a weird sensation on my lower stomach. It felt as if my husband had laid another blanket on top of me, in bed. Not uncommon for him to do, as I tend to sleep in a ball and he seems to think that I am cold, so he gets me more blankets. :)

I took my hand and tried to feel for the extra blankets... none. What the heck was on me? I lifted up the blankets to look at my stomach to see if something happened since I last looked or felt my belly. I tend to sleep with one hand down on my lower belly, just over my uterus, sort of a comfort thing. I've done it since I was a little kid. Even more, now that I'm pregnant, as I am excited to start feeling the baby move and seem to think that if I have a hand on the outside and my nerves on the inside, there's a good chance I won't miss it, bahaha.

As I placed my hand over my lower belly I felt this HUGE lump down where my uterus is. It wasn't normal, nor had I felt it before. My lower belly was sticking a good 4 inches higher than the rest of my belly. At first I about crapped myself, but then I noticed, HOLY CRAP, that's the baby sticking way out there!!!! I RAN as fast as I could to go grab Jeff, to see if he saw it, too, or if it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.

He came in and I flopped back down on the bed and was like, "LOOK AT THIS!!!" His only response was.... "THAT'S THE BABY!!!!!" We spent the next few minutes just admiring my protruding buldge and I have to say that it's AWESOME. I've laid down a few times during the day, just to see if it's still there and it certainly is, just maybe not as protruded as it was.

If that wasn't shocker enough... my mom lives 10 hours away and the next time that I was planning on seeing her was going to be in July, after my 20w ultrasound, so I would be 5 months along. Well, she just text'd me a few minutes ago to say that she has Tuesday & Wednesday off, so they're going to drive down to spend an overnight trip with me, then drive back the next day. Just so she can see me for a bit.

I am so overwhelmed with joy, that I can't even discribe it. I'm just giddy. I can't wait for her to get here.

Talk about the unexpected, twice today!


  1. You make me miss being pregnant! LOL

    HOw nice that your mom will be able to come for a quick visit!

  2. Awee how cute! I remember those days like they were yesterday. I loved the intimate moments, sharing the beautiful belly and those things you wouldn't tell just anyone, with my husband too. So special... I am so happy you get to experience the beautiful creations that God gives us. ;)


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