Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Those With Experience

Senior and I have quite a few things left to get before we're "all ready for the baby" to make his debut. I was curious if I could steal a little advice from all of you about which products you liked, which ones you hated, ones you couldn't live without, etc. Please feel free to share all the advice you'd like. I'm all ears.

Q 1: What's one thing you really thought you'd need and use for your baby that you didn't use so much, afterall?

Could be toys, furniture, accessories, bottles, anything you could think of.

Q 2: What's one thing that you wished you had for your baby and didn't OR had to go out later and purchase, due to necessity or want?

Q 3: What's one thing you think is a "must have" for all parents with new littles ones, or new little boys?

Q 4: What's one thing (or more) that you used and found great use of but didn't necessarily find it a necessity?

Q 5: Do you have any good advice for a first time parent (of a new little boy) ?

Q 6: What's you're all time favorite baby item that you enjoyed using with your little ones?

Thanks for all your answers in advance.. I know you're all going to rock!


  1. 1. jolly jumper, breast pump & bottles (too much work!), change table (use the floor/crib), soothers (but some people like them)...there's so much!

    2. Exersaucer, but you've got lots of time for that.

    3. Quality baby carrier of the wrap type for newborns and of the Ergo or other soft-structured type once you pass 3 months.

    4. The Diaper Caddy - for the first few months it's great to be able to change a diaper wherever you are in the house so we had one on each level and LOVED it.

    5. You will get peed on. Just get used to it. Don't waste money on a peeppee teepee or anything - a baby washcloth works better, covers more, absorbs more etc.

    Do what feels right FOR YOU. It will be different and even opposite to some parents, and that's fine. You will be judged, but you can't care. He's your baby.

    6. Ergo by a long shot. And a GREAT stroller really helps too.

    You're going to have SO much fun!!

  2. 1. Lots of things I bought and didn't need. Um... bassinet, car seat protectors, backpack.

    2. More swings/bouncy seats/things to put babies in all over the house (but we had 2). Changing pads and burp clothes. One piece outfits.

    3. Nursing pillow. Things to carry baby around (sling, bjorn -- hard to know what each one will like best). Stroller.

    4. Amazing simple mobile over changing table (; diaper genie for first few months; bumbo chair.

    5. Don't just read about pregnancy before the baby comes -- read about what happens after the baby comes. I made this mistake and afer the kids were born I had no time to read up. I recommend books on nursing, baby sleep, baby habits, etc. Favorite baby sleep book is Sleeping through the night by Jodi Mindell.

    6. Books, rattles, lots of simple things as they got older that they could enjoy.

  3. 1. Changing table, teething type toys (mine used their hands and later mine!), stuffed animals, nursing gowns and shirts. I just wore tank tops under button down shirts, those Bumbo seats, diaper genie (they stink after a while no matter what!!!)

    2. Nursing pillow or Boppy, a baby sling because each baby liked a different type.

    3.lots of one piece outfits due to pee.

    4. Those formula dispenser things. I didn't think I needed one, but they came in really handy even after they were too old. We put cheerios and other snacks in them.

    5. You WILL get peed on and usually in the most inopportune time (ie getting ready for pictures), it's amazing how much less boys need than girls to be happy!

    6. Books and puzzles. We had puzzles that were the chunky kind so they kids could chew on them and then later learn with them....

  4. Google "Zero to Forty." Amy Storch from Amalah kept a pregnancy weekly tracker for Alpha Mom. Starting at 20 weeks (or 21) she kept a great list of "Buy Now" and "Buy Later." I definitely will use that list when forming my registry.

    I'm definitely of the mind that I want things for my shower that I will use in the first 6 mos. The toys and games, high chair and miscellany we can purchase later when the baby's a bit bigger. No need to have that stuff around right away. But I'm also a major NO CLUTTER freak so I figure I can apply the "less is more" to this and be okay. I have nightmares of being the parents schlepping around 10 pounds of crap for a trip to the store, etc... I've called it the Sackagawea theory. She had her baby and then trekked cross country with him strapped to her back. No bright colored plastic crap, just the necessities. ;)

  5. Aww bless you hun, so sorry to hear that you have had a tough time. Good luck with it all hun! Have you picked any baby names yet? check out names/ where you can search names by meaning and origin. My little boy is called Marlow and he is just perfect (although a very hungry and greedy little scamp - hence me being pretty tired). Its all worth it though, you will be a team forever x


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