Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm on a Mission

I'm on a mission. What kind of mission you ask?! Well, the kind that needs your help. I'm on a mission to find some good, HEALTHY, recipes that can and will come in handy once the baby is born. I don't want to be one of those new mom's who makes her family eat out most of the time, or relies on other families to bring food when they come over. Not that I am saying anything bad about those types of mom's or families, it's just simply not my style.

I absolutely LOVE cooking and love making delicious and healthy meals for my family and I'd love to continue now that I have a little man that will be joining our family very soon.

I'm open to recipes of ALL sorts. Slow cooker recipes, baked recipes, casseroles, soups, stews, desserts, etc. We love all types of food and I'm fairly good at customizing them to our taste and health level. (ie: replacing oils, using low or no fat items instead of their fatty counterparts, etc.)

What are some of your favorite recipes that you'd like to share?



  1. I think the simple meal that got us through the first week was stir fry. We bought some vegetables from the local farmer's market and froze them in small packets. Every day around lunch we cooked a bit of rice, steamed a pack of veggies, and ate them. There are all sorts of healthy sauce ideas on recipe websites, but we never had the time or energy to do those, so we just ate vegetables and rice plain. It's totally dull, but it got us through the first week of lunches =) If I had to do it differently, I would have mixed up some sauces before the baby was born and frozen those. OH WELL =P

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! I look forward to seeing your little boy when he makes his eventual appearance!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the encouragement on my blog!

    Congrats to you, Mama! Kudos for wanting to make healthy dinners after Baby comes. I was determined to cook almost every night after my daughter came and it was the best thing I could've done. It was so healthy for all of us and was something I could do with a baby in a sling or front pack.

    My favorite place for healthy recipes is Cookinglight.com. I also get their magazine, make shopping lists from it and cook that way. It helps to plan out the week, I think.

    Hoping you continue to feel great!!

  3. About a month before the Samurai arrives we are going to be spending Sundays making and freezing meals. We have a vacuum sealer (which is one appliance I never thought we'd use but it's so handy!) and it's great for storing leftovers, etc.

    You could make healthy stews, burgers, lasagna, risotto, marinate and bake chicken breasts, pork chops, tenderloin, fajita meat and peppers... And then have them ready, you just pull out of the freezer to thaw and reheat. Easy peasy!

    I have a ton of healthy recipes that I'd be happy to photocopy and mail to you if you're interested. Or you can always get a subscription (or pick up at store) Martha Stewart's Everyday Food (great resource) or the magazine Real Simple always has great recipes. Let me know what you like and I'll see what I have that fits the profile.

  4. Do you ahve a deep freeze? I filled my freezer with soups, lasagnes, casseroles, berry sauces, crisps, lots of breads, pitas, microwaveable meals etc before both babies and it was a lifesaver.

  5. OK I remembered a healthy one! Try making chicken salad using fat free yogurt (2 parts - my friend recommends Greek yogurt, but I think regular works as well) and low fat mayo (1 part) instead of regular mayonnaise. We like it with bits of apples, red grapes and walnuts


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