Friday, August 14, 2009

QOTD: Hospital Bag

Question Of The Day

When did you pack your hospital bag?
What did you put in it, for you?
What did you put in it, for baby?
What did you forget that you had to send hubby home for?
Was there anything you wished you had remembered to bring?
Was there anything that you did bring but wished you would have left at home?

Thanks for all the input, once again!


  1. I always ALWAYS over pack the hospital bag. This time I packed two bags. One for labour one for the stay afterward. In my labour bag I had bathing suits for both J & I in case we wanted to go in the tub, chapstick, massage bar (like an oil) some food for J and a thank you gift for our doula. Oh and my ipod.

    I used NOTHING. But I was super quick. Your first will be slower (probably). Bring things that could distract you.

    For my bag for the stay I packed the essentials to shower and get cleaned up and outfits for the baby.

    I packed it around 35 weeks.

  2. I was all packed by about 32 weeks with both, just in case, and then had a list on top of things to add at the last minute like toothbrush & paste, deodorant, shower stuff etc.

    I may still have my list somewhere and if I do I can send it to you. For labour I packed a book (and yes, I read - a good distraction when getting induced before it gets really bad), massage stuff, my own big shirt to wear & a sports bra, lots of water & some snacks, my cell phone, camera...

    For the maternity ward: pajamas, slippers, shower stuff & make up etc, baby outfits, grapeseed oil to clean baby's bum, soft cloths for cleaning baby, blankets (the hospital stuff is yucky & washed in harsh chemicals), a soft wrap baby carrier (kids can sleep tied to me all night and I can pass out not worrying about dropping them). I'm sure there was more but I can't remember!

  3. I think these ladies have most of the stuff. I have a few things that I add. I always take a pillow and blanket. It makes me feel more at peace. I also take a fan (I actually take one everywhere I go.)it really helps block out the nose on the floor. With babies crying along with the moms it is hard to get some sleep. My hubby and I always take 1 movie and watch it while we are there it is always the same movie. My fair lady.
    Take plenty of panties..OLD ones. With this being your first one you will need them. Along with your own girly stuff. I can get you a complete list of stuff if you want. Just send me a message and I will get it for you...
    BIG ONE. take snacks. and your baby book.

  4. Our hospital had a snack room, so we were well covered on snack food, although, our family did bring in pizza and had a little party in the room with our first baby!

    I have 3 lists of what to pack. My favorite items were my video camera, digital camera, and journals. Either my husband or I wrote out our babies births the day after they were born. For me, it was a lot easier to remember the details by writing them down so soon rather than to wait until a week or two later when it can start to get fuzzy.

    I will link to one of my "what to pack" lists on my blog:


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