Monday, March 28, 2011

Growing & Moving Forward

As I am no longer a 'new mom', really, I want to make a few changes around here. My blog is now up for renewal and I do not think I am going to renew it. I would rather switch things up a bit and move to a new site. As you can tell, things have changed around here, once again and this time, I am very proud of them. This blog has blossomed into much more than stories of this new mom and I want my blog to reflect that. In doing so, the name and website link will change. The change does not take effect until next month sometime, but I want to make you aware of it now, that way you can change your links, if needed.

My new link will be

When the change becomes effective, I will loose my PR ranking, due to starting a new site and it saddens me to do so but everything else should follow me over. I am currently trying to get in contact with my domain host to see if they can help me either transfer it over or forward my current site to my new site so I will still keep my PR ranking. I will let you know what I find out.


  1. I'm your first follower at the new blog. :) Good luck!!

  2. Jenner, that website was a test website. When things move over to the new link... it should forward this blog automatically. So as soon as you follow me here, you will follow me there.


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