Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hop Along Friday - UPDATED!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWelcome to the 41st edition of Hop Along Friday! As you can tell, there have been a few changes around Hop Along Friday. We have a new Banner, a new button and a few cool new features!

Before you start freaking out, we will be keeping the Weekly Featured Blog, so please do not stress. That will definitely be staying. The new features, however, are just as great, so check them out! Along with the Featured Blogger, we will also be adding a few additional participation incentives for all you ladies who are so great at coming back week after week.

There will be 3 participants drawn randomly every week based off the participants from the previous week. The chosen will receive the following, in the order that they are chosen.

FIRST PLACE: The first participant chosen will receive a one week 125x125 ad placement on My new life as... Mom. This ad must be linked to your blog only, please.

SECOND PLACE: The second participant chosen will receive the "Weekly Featured" spot for the week. This link must be to your blog only.

THIRD PLACE: The third participant chosen will receive a text link placement on My new life as... Mom in a special feature spot. This link can be to either a blog, facebook or twitter link.

Additional AD space may be purchased for an additional fee. Please see our "PR FRIENDLY" page for more information. Text links can be placed for free and will be added to our LINKS sidebar.

This will begin next week!

This week's featured blogger is #143!

As always, we welcome you to each hop and hope you each have a great time participating. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Stephanie at My new life as... Mom or any one of the hostesses.

1. Follow each one of our hostesses, via GFC, located at the following links.

2. Once you have completed that, then add your link to our link list below. Please feel free to add your blog, facebook and twitter, but please be sure to name them as such. Some of our readers do not have facebook or twitter and would like to distinguish between the links.

3. Place our button on your sidebar! Simply copy the button code, below, and past it in your side bar editor. Easy as that! The more who participate the better the hop will become!

Once you have finished linking yourself up, please feel free to follow through and visit other blogs, facebook and/or twitter pages that link up on the hop. We do not require that you follow every one, nor do we require that you visit every one. Please enjoy them at your pace and follow the sites you wish. We will do the same.

Please remember to come back and link up as it is a new list every week. The link lists will only accepting new links from Thursday evening through Friday night at 11:59pm, but the link lists will stay up indefinitely.


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  13. Wow! This is not my first time to join the hop. I almost didn't recognize it. LOL! GREAT changes! I may have to steal some of your incentive ideas, as my own (new) hop is going S-L-O-W. ;oP I hope it's OK that I linked it here. If not, do not hesitate to delete the link. Please feel free to stop by and link your hop @ Frugalista Fridays. The hop is open all weekend. :)


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  15. Love the new features and new button. I have changed it on my blog post and blog hop page.

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