Sunday, April 03, 2011

Help! Please, if you can!

I normally do not ask for help from other but in this case, I am asking for all the help I can get. My friend and I have a history of rescuing animals, horses being one of those animals. My friend has a neighbor who is neglecting his horse. She has paid to have her feet trimmed 3 different times, out of her own pocket. She loves this horse and would love to buy this horse, however, the owner is not very fond of my friend. She has threatened to call animal control on him because he is 100% neglectful. Regardless of this, he has finally agreed to sell this mare but will not sell her to my friend. However, if she isn't purchased by Friday she will be going to auction which MANY meat buyers attend and purchase horses for CHEAP to kill, butcher and sell the meat. It isn't pretty, at all.

We are praying to GOD that we can save this mare. She is one of the sweetest mares and we just cannot let her go to auction. Her adoption isn't much in the case of horses but it is a lot for how bad of shape she is in. We need help raising the money to adopt her. Once adopted, she has an amazing home to live and thrive in that will take the best care of her. We just need to get her there.

If you can do ANYTHING to help this girl out, please email us at
We have a paypal already set up and ready for donations.
Thank you all, so much, for helping us save this girl. She deserves to be in a great home.

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