Thursday, April 28, 2011

Turning a negative into a positive

Right after my husband and I got married, he changed jobs. Not only did he change jobs, he went from one job to something completely different. He went from working 9-5 to working almost 18-20 hour days. To be honest, it was awful. He was gone almost all the time and the only time he was home, he was sleeping. After about a year of that, he worked up enough business and put enough hard work in that he was able to slow down a bit and go back to a normal work day. He worked for that company for almost 6 years. Getting married just before he started (and I mean like 2 weeks before) this job made it feel like this company was part of our family.

In February of this year, my husband was laid off. At a time when we were very comfortable and very much needed the income. We have a child now and being laid off was something we never thought would happen to us. It was completely unimaginable. This means we have to completely rearrange our lives. Fortunately, we were blessed that he was able to get another job right away. However, this didn't thwart the change of life plans. We had to rearrange everything. One of these things being our house. My office/sewing room was then shoved in the closet to make room for SR's home office. All my things were moved to the side for more important duties. One of the things we have yet to make room for, however, is an appropriate desk for our home office.

CymaxOffice is a great place to look for desks for home offices. They have everything anyone could ever want and/or look for in desks. They have simple office desks, stylish office desks, to extravagant executive office desks. Desks with lots of storage, desks with minimal storage and desks with in between storage. They have desks that are small, desks that are large and desks that are completely insane in size. Honestly, I have my eye on these three pieces for our home office. One is extremely extravagant, but I am completely head over heels for this piece.

Which piece do you like?

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