Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer is coming! Is your grill ready?

With summer vastly creeping up on us, my family and I tend to reevaluate our summer necessities. Necessities such as patio furniture, play structures, yard supplies and outside cooking equipment. We spend 90% of our time outdoors during the summer and in doing so, our cooking is done outdoors, too. With that being said, we tend to reevaluate our outdoor cooking equipment, to make sure everything is in working order for the coming season. This year, we are reevuating our BBQ grill. Last year, we purchased a cheap grill that barely got us through the season. This year, we're looking to get a grill that will last us a long time.

Recently, we were sent a link to the following company and are in love with their choices of Weber Grills. CSGrills has an amazing array of Weber grills, including; charcoal, gas, electric and portable grills. I love the versatility of all of these grills. We are in desperate need of a new charcoal grill, as well as a portable grill that we can use when gas and/or charcoal isn't available or appropriate to use.

My problem now, however, is that I am having the hardest time deciding which one to get. CSGrills has so many options for Weber Grills and their prices aren't bad, either. They carry Weber Grills that cost between $45 all the way up to $2,600! They really do have something for everyone. One of the grills that I am definitely look at is the Weber Q140 Portable Electric Grill. I would love to have this for those times when the weather isn't the best for grilling and we're really craving some grilled food.

BONUS! Right now, they're also offering FREE SHIPPING on almost everything! Offer expires May 2, 2011 so check them out, now! Please see CSGrills for more details.

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