Monday, June 29, 2009

Two, Six & Seven

I can't believe that in TWO days, Thumper and I will be halfway through our pregnancy. How did this happen?! One, I'm still in shock that we're even pregnant, do you ever get over it? I don't think so, after 4 years of waiting and trying. Two, I still can't fathom how 5 months have passed, with me carrying a child in my belly and it seems as if we've only been pregnant for a month or so. How does this stuff work? Why does it mess with your mind so much?

Not to mention that in SIX days, Thumper and I will go in for our "20 week - would you like to know the gender" ultrasound. I am still praying, crossing my fingers and rubbing my belly, hoping to pass good luck charm onto our precious little one, to convince him or her that he or she REALLY needs to let Mommy and Daddy know. We just simply can't take it any longer. The anticipation is not good for the soul, OR the babies.. he he.

To top all that off, in SEVEN days, Thumper and I will be headed up to see Grammy Jackie and Papa Dave. (*something came up and the foster baby is no longer going with us, she went to a new foster home a few days ago and will be staying there for a while, no worries, she's got a GREAT home and a 3 year old to play with, constantly, so all is good*) I simply can't wait to get up there and see my mom. It's so weird to think how much closer we've become since I've been a "mommy". Me, little ol stephanie, is a Mommy. How did this happen?

Sometimes I feel as if I just walked out of a doctors office one day to hear that I'm having a baby. Somehow ever since I've been pregnant, it seems as if I can't even remember the 4 years that we've waited or the neverending injections/meds that I had to endure. Somehow it's all seeped into the very back part of my memory where there are way too many spiderwebs for me to go back there. Once again I ask, as I do to myself.. every single day, how did all this happen?

Sometimes I feel as if I've been sleeping for the last four years and just awoke to someone telling me that I'm pregnant and I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I can't believe how much my life has been blessed, especially this year. This has been a WONDERFUL year. I am so very thankful and I couldn't have imagined anything better, really, I couldn't have.

I do have to add that the other day, I did have a "mommy" scare with our little Thumper. Usually I feel Thumper throughout the day, all day long, kicks, punches, rolls, hiccups, etc. Well on Friday night, my uterus was aweful crampy. Nothing out of the norm but I could really tell that it was stretching pretty good in there, it was pretty sore. Then when I went to bed (when I normally feel the most kicks, movements, etc) I felt nothing!! N.O.T.H.I.N.G! It made me nervous, however, I assumed that Thumper had fallen asleep early and that's why he/she wasn't kicking. Then I sleep like CRAP throughout the night with again, NO movements, whatsoever. Only to wake up on Saturday to notice NO MOVEMENTS all day long. Something had to be wrong. I'd lay down, like normal, and wait, and wait, and wait. Nothing. I was really starting to freak out. I was very worried about our bub, but I wasn't spotting, wasn't bleeding, wasn't cramping, nothing. I felt completely normal, just without movements.

I came home Saturday (we went to the beach and for a long scenic drive that day) then I changed into my less restrictive pajama's and laid down on the couch, hoping to feel something.

BAM! Right in my bladder.
BAM! BAM! Again in my bladder.

Okay, okay!! I get that you're okay!! :) I was the happiest I could have been at the moment. My only response to Jeff was, "I love Thumper so much, already! I love how when I'm REALLY worried about Thumper, Thumper will give me a good painful kick to let me know that all is well on the inside."

Ahh.. I feel better.

*I do have to add that Thumper has been VERY active, since then.*

Oh, also have to add, too, that my right hip has been killing me. I don't know if it's just stretching out and making room for the little one, or if it's shattering to pieces, but man does it not feel very good at all, sometimes. Especially when I'm trying to crawl up onto something (like our truck - F-350 with 37" tires and a 8" lift.. not good for pregnant women!!) or try to crawl out of something, like our car. (tiny little Chevy Cobalt) And why only my right side?!

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