Wednesday, June 03, 2009

16w Ultrasound Update

We almost didn't get our Ultrasound, yesterday, but because it was so slow, we were able to have one anyway. *Note: I should add that we weren't "scheduled" for an ultrasound, we were just told that she'd try to squeeze us in for one, at our next appointment.*

We got to hear our babies heartbeat on doppler, once again and it was a bit tougher to hear, this time. Come to find out, I have an Anterior Placenta. However, we were eventually able to find it and it was a wonderful 167bpm. We must have caught our baby sleeping last time as it was 155bpm.

We TRIED as hard as we could to see what gender our baby was, but our precious little one was sitting down on his/her bottom with his/her legs closed and tucked underneath. We did, however, get to see our baby waving to us, a few times and watch as our baby repeatedly opened and closed his/her mouth. It was the most precious thing that I've seen, yet.

Here are our ultrasound pictures.. I'll repost them labled so you can get an idea of what they're of.

And Labled:


  1. That's one beautiful little creature you're growing in there!


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