Thursday, February 18, 2010


 My dear boy,

This last month has flown by at a pace that is unimaginable. I have tried to find the time to sit down and enjoy each and every milestone that you accomplish but at the rate that you're going on a day to day basis, it's nearly impossible. You are my little rock star and you're learning things at an alarming rate. There are times that I feel like I'm 10 steps ahead of you, however, you are very good at making me realize that this is never the case. You figure things out MUCH sooner than I think you will and I love it because it keeps me on my toes.

You haven't learned how to roll over, just yet, but that isn't for your lack of trying. Mom just hasn't found the heart to leave you on the floor much. I would much rather hold you in my arms and interact with you. You're such a flirt. You'll learn soon, I'm sure, as you've already figured out how to lift your butt up in the air, all on your own. You can also roll to your side, just haven't figured out how to get that arm underneath you, yet.

You've got such a little personality on you. You love to flirt with any woman that gets within your line of vision but mom is still your number one, that's for sure and I better stay that way for a really long time. You love to talk to just about anyone but one of your many treasured past times is talking to your little buddy Dylan when he comes over. You guys have this super cute game where you'll start to fuss and he'll grab your "bink" and gently put it in your mouth for you. Then you'll spit it out and start fussing just to watch him as he puts it back in your mouth, ever so gently. It's the cutest thing to watch. You love to lay on the floor and watch him. I'm sure you'll both grow up to be such great buddies.

For the last three weeks, my poor boy, you've been teething up a storm. You've been drooling as if you're trying to fill the grand canyon all on your own. You love to chew on your hands, or my fingers, but aren't too interested in chewing on anything else. I've tried holding teething toys for you to chew on, but you're not too interested in those. They don't have the fleshy consistency that you like. So far you have both bottom front teeth coming in and they look to be about the same point. We'll see which one comes in first. Your little grin isn't going to be toothless for long.. you're well on your way to having a perfect little set of teeth.

My precious boy, you have been such an amazing addition to our family. Your dad and I love you so much more than we could tell you. It really feels like these last 3 months have been a lifetime with you and we couldn't imagine our life any other way. You truly make our life better, in so many ways.

You are our good morning and our good night. We love you so much, little man. With everything we have and more.

Your Mommy


Stephanie M.

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