Friday, February 19, 2010


There are times when motherhood is amazingly easy. Believe me, I can cuddle on the couch with a baby in my lap with the best of em. I can nurse for hours and hours on end and yet I'm still willing to give my baby the breast, first, before offering anything else. I can listen to my son fussing because his gums hurt and I absolutely won't hesitate to get up to offer some sort of relief or comfort. Even if it means missing my favorite show.

Then there are times when mothering is tough. Those times when your child is screaming because they're in pain and there's nothing you can do. Those times when your baby is sleepy but fighting it with everything they have. Why? I don't know. When you figure it out, tell me how to convince them that sleeping is so much more fun when you're THAT tired. Then... then there are times when you, as a mother, just want ONE second to yourself to accomplish one thing. ONE.THING. Times when your child simply needs you or wants you more than whatever it is that you're doing.

There are times when I think I could scream because I've been working at the same task for hours.. (H.O.U.R.S!) and haven't come anywhere close to finishing it, only to have my son screaming for my attention. I would hate these times.. if it wasn't for a face that I can't describe. If it wasn't for this face...

I simply can't refuse this face. I will drop ANYTHING for this face! (and I mean anything!)
I'm screwed when he's a teenager.



  1. Why do ALL babies feel the need to cry when their tired rather than just go to sleep? My daughter, Isla, will now cry for half an hour in the car before falling asleep... WHY!?

    I'm in love with your babe's baby blues... They're gorgeous!


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