Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Boy and his Ride

My love for horses goes way beyond almost anything I could ever explain. They are amazing animals and I simply could not imagine my life without some form of contact with them. Since I haven't had horses for a few years now, my only way to get my fix is to visit my horsey friends.

Monday, I did just that. While visiting my friend, L, not only did we get to visit her gorgeous horses, we also got to feed her super sweet week old bottle calf, Blossom. It was simply amazing. J loved seing all the animals at her farm and I wanted to share our pictures with you guys, since I haven't posted any pictures of him in a long time.


  1. OH that is SO Sweet! I would think a liitle guy would be timid of such a huge animal but he doesnt look frightened at all...he must have your love for horses too? I am getting an early hop on for friday because I will be tied up ALL DAY but still want to participate. I cant wait to keep up with your blog.

  2. So cute!!! My little 2-1/2 yr old rode a horse for the first time about a month ago and I'm definitely going to look into lessons next year when he's old enough! Visiting and following from the Hop. :)


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