Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Kitchen Fend

Being such a fan of fine furniture, as well as anything in the kitchen (food included), this brings me to my next post. Do you have a tiny kitchen, or even a large kitchen and just wish you had more chopping and storage space? More Kitchen Carts is the place to go. You have to check out these beauties! I want one so bad. I have a large kitchen compared to the size of my home and even though I have a crazy amount of cabinet space, I have found that we have filled them to the brim and are now looking at other options to store kitchen items and provide additional chopping space.

Butcher Block Kitchen Islands

Aren't these amazing? Another great point to add about these kitchen islands is that they are priced to fit every budget. They range from a measly $79 all the way to a not to shabby $740. They have styles to fit every kitchen and amazingly they can add additional storage and usable counter space to just about every home. If you are looking for that extra added touch, please see More Kitchen Carts. They're beutiful, yet affordable and you just can't beat that.

My favorite is the one pictured above (the butcher block kitchen island).

Do you wish you had more space in your kitchen?

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