Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Done With Babies??

Are you done with babies but need furniture for your older children, like deals on great bunk beds? Yes! You can find them at More Bunk Beds. As I child, I LOVED bunk beds. When I finally got to pick out my own bed at like 13, I wanted a bunk bed. One of those bunk beds that had a normal top bunk but the bottom bunk was separate and could move away from the bottom and you could use it as a little office. You could use it for book storage, home work, etc. It was the best. I still love that bed and cannot wait for my children to get old enough to have their own Bunk Beds. It is a great way to utilize space and make room for toys and room to move.

This bunk would be great for little ones who are too small to safely climb the latter of the high bunk beds. Or if you are afraid for your small children up that high. I love how simplistic it is but how it utlizes space well!

This next photo is a picture of exactly what I am talking about, the Bunk Bed with Bookshelf. I had a bunk bed similar to this when I was younger. It was similar, only a little more... girlie.

Ooo! This one would even be great if you had a cousin or friend sleep over!

More Bunk Beds has a great selection with great prices. They have just about anything you could want on or in your bunk bed, even with different bed sizes. I seen that one bunk even had a full size removable bottom bunk.. nice! Perfect for an older sibling and younger sibling. Their prices generally run from $212 all the way up to $3,400! Of course the have a plathora of prices in between, as well. So check 'em out! If you're in the market for a bunk bed, I can pretty much guarentee that they would have something that you would love!


  1. Those are cute!!! I especially love the first one!!!!

  2. Colton has the first bed with the stairs. It is in the natural color. We LOVE it. It was very easy to put together too. He sleeps on the top and he will point to the bottom and tell you that is "mommy's bed." I highly recommend it for sure.


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