Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So last week, when I went in for my appointment, I was 2cm dilated (3 if she put a TON of pressure on it, but 2 at a standstill) and was thinning out but not quite effacing yet. Junior was very high in my pelvis so she didn't qualify him as any "station".

This week, we've made progress! This week I am easily 3cm dilated (at a standstill) and am 75% effaced! Junior is also head down and at -1 station. She said that he had moved down QUITE a lot and I have to agree because it didn't feel as if she had to shove sooooo much of her arm up there to check, this time. My blood pressure has resumed it's normal healthy self and we both seem to be doing MUCH better! YAY! His heart rate was an active 174bpm even though he was quite calm but my belly is measuring a good 37cm which corresponds with my 37w gestation. She also took me off "strict bed-rest" and put me on "light duty". "Strict Bed-rest" means I am flat on my back and the only time I can get up is to use the restroom or take a QUICK shower. "Light Duty" means that I can resume most of my "normal" activities, HOWEVER, I need to take it easy and not do a few things such as she specified; NO vacuuming, NO sweeping, NO vigorous cleaning of any kind. I can do light dishes and such but otherwise, she wants me to take it easy.

You don't know how much relief this brings me. Now I'll be able to do things to keep myself busy throughout the day so it doesn't seem like my days crawl by. YAY!

She also reiterated that if he's not here by 39 weeks, (14 days from today), she'll be inducing. I am HAPPY to hear that!


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