Wednesday, October 07, 2009

La Stella Blu

Even before I got pregnant, I've always loved the closeness that a baby carrier could provide to both parent and child. Even then, I couldn't imagine how helpful one could be. That is.. until I got pregnant. Thinking about all the daunting tasks I'm going to have to accomplish WITH a little one at my side can have me in a bit of a panic. The helpfulness of a baby carrier is something that I truly need to have.. it's no longer a "wanted" item.. it's a necessity.

I was emailed a link to a wonderful site, La Stella Blu and they host a wide variety of baby carriers. One for each kind of parent, if you ask me. They have BabyHawk Mei Tais, Hotslings, Ergo Baby Carriers, Moby Wraps, EllaRoo Carriers, Catbird Baby Carriers, Sproutpouches and so much more. They also have Babylegs and organic items there as well.

I, personally, want one of the Moby Wraps. I am 34 weeks, today and I plan on breastfeeding. I love the closeness and ability to breastfeed and be hands free! Here are some of the statistics/advantages of using a moby wrap:

  • Moby Wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby.
  • Moby Wraps are amazingly comfortable baby carriers. No buckles, snaps, or fasteners.
  • Made of soft, comfortable 100% cotton jersey - just like your favorite T-shirt.
  • Stretchy fabric hugs baby close without feeling restrictive. Adjust the fit of your moby wrap by varying how tightly you wrap yourself and baby.
  • Moby Wrap is perfect from preemie through 35lbs.
I just happen to love the Indigo color and it's only $39.95!! Who can beat that?! If you order yours through La Stella Blu before November 30, 2009, use the coupon code MB005 and receive 10% off your order!! (this excludes Babyhawk Mai Tais)

I cannot wait to order mine and try it out with my new little muchkin who will be here very... very soon!



  1. I tried a Hotsling with #4, but didn't feel very comfortable wearing my baby in it. I used it a few times, but didn't even come close to getting my money's worth.

    This time I would REALLY like to try out a ring sling. I'm thinking about making one, but am a bit intimidated about the idea. I've seen the patterns for Moby Wraps too.

    Let me know how you like yours and how well it works!

  2. I lovvvvvved my Moby Wrap! I have two... and plan to use them both. I also had a sling which was nice, but not until my little one was a bit older. The Moby is just so DANG SOFT! She snuggled up in there and was content for hours. :)


  3. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Congrats on your pregnancy too!!!
    I think I need a Moby wrap too! everyone just raves about them!


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