Friday, October 23, 2009

Hospital Update

All lab work came back negative in response to PIH, so I don't have pre-eclampsia, however, they can't figure out why I keep having these episodes where I start sweating and burning up like crazy, then from chest up I'll turn BEAT red. During these "episodes" I feel like I can't catch my breath and feel like my head just may explode. They've decided to keep me overnight (last night) but looks as if I'll go home today. DR says that my symptoms only really match up with a few things and the most common in this case, would be the flu. She said to look for horses, not zebras. Which means, look for the most common cause of why this could be happening. She said the only other thing she can think of is like tumors on different organs of the body (like the adrenal glands) but as she said... Look for horses, not zebras, unless given other indications it may be something else. My vitals have been monitored every few hrs and I'm still doing good. I'm keeping an eye out for Jeffrey's movements to make sure he continues doing good. They're also putting me on the monitor every shift to make sure he continues to do well. He was QUITE excited after my bad episode last night.. His heart rate was up in the 170-180's and stayed there the entire time. They kept me on the monitor until he finally calmed down a bit and went back to his usual 150's heart rate. It took about an hour or so. I've been taking the tamiflu for 2 doses now and dr says is makes you super nauseas but she's been giving me ambien to help me sleep through the nausea. Otherwise, all vitals are good and I do feel much better, today. Really tired and have a headache but after the last couple days, I'm not surprised. So I'll continue to keep you all updated but it looks as though we won't deliver until 39w unless he comes early, on his own. One can only hope. Regardless, it's only a couple weeks away. I can do this. I can do this
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