Monday, October 26, 2009

Not the smartest cookie.

This morning, I was asked by a good friend of mine, K, if I had my cervix checked while I was at the hospital. I answered that, in fact, I had, just before being admitted to the hospital. After thinking about it a little bit more, I realized that I'm not the smartest cookie out there.

I was explaining to her that my OB had checked it at my doctors appointment just before being admitted and that's when I realized how I horribly misunderstood what was going on. It's only been 5 days since it happened. Better late then never, right?!

When my OB was checking my cervix, she said, "let's see.... cervix is 2cm.... lets see if we can get 3. Yep! Cervix is 2-3". For some ODD reason, I took that to mean my cervix was 2-3cm long. What I didn't understand was how she got it to grow to 3cm while squishing the life out of it? That, to me, didn't seem right, but I didn't question it.

We were in the midst of talking about being admitted to the hospital and she had mentioned, just after the above statement, that my cervix was PERFECT if it came to induction at 37 weeks, if I tested positive for PIH.

I, now, realize that my cervix isn't 2-3cm long. She meant 2-3cm DIALATED! Because, in fact, your cervix can't grow when pressure is put on it.

As I said.. no one ever said I was the smartest cookie.

This is not one of my most proudest moments.



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  1. LOL

    Hm, maybe this is another reason I can add to the "No checking my cervix till you're admitting me to the hospital."

    I fear that I am the type to get my hopes up and so have asked for no cervical checks until I think "this is it" and we're waiting to be admitted. I was in water aerobics with a woman at 4cm and she was like that for a week and a half. Talk about a waiting game! ;)


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