Saturday, October 03, 2009

A little over 6 weeks.

In a little over 6 weeks, I will be ON my due date. Whether or not my son will be here, has yet to be determined. He could come before, he could come shortly after. At this rate, with his attitude, he's going to come when he damn well pleases.

Like my little countdown ticker says, I have about 45 days till my due date. "Oh my gravy!" as Rachael Ray would say. I can't believe that after 1065ish days of trying, 1 million and 1 infertility treatments, one cycle of IVF, 500,000 injections, 3,000 proceedures, 1 surgery.....

234 days of pregnancy, 6,000 bodily changes, 1 terrifing L&D trip and just under 1 million shopping trips later..

Here we are.

So many things have changed and so many things have continued like normal. I can't seem to imagine how much my life will change in 6 weeks. How many sleepless nights I'll have or how many feedings I'll have to do in the first week. How many diapers I'll change or how many outfits I'll wash.

What I do know is, I am so excited to see what's to come. To be blessed with such a handsome little man is much more than I could ask for. So while I wait, I'll enjoy these last few weeks.



  1. I hope you do enjoy the last six weeks. The wait can feel unbearable towards the end, but it's such an awesome feeling when the birth happens knowing that you've cherished the last moments as one being to the best of your capacity =) I'm so excited to see the little one!

  2. 1065 days of trying and now you're only down to 45 more days or so before you hold your new baby! How exciting!


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