Tuesday, January 05, 2010


This week has been one for making appointments. Shesh! This week I had to call to schedule THE MONKEY'S 2 month appointment. Yikes! Where has the time gone? This was scheduled for Monday, January 18th, 2010. He'll receive his first round of vaccinations and that.. I am NOT excited about. My poor baby. Hopefully it will be over quickly.

Senior also had a doctors appointment today. Turns out the pain in his back is caused by a large cyst surrounded by a pocket of fluid. He is scheduled to go in for surgery on Monday, January 11th, 2010 to fix it. Did I mention that it's the day before my birthday?! Nice.

I also had to make a call in to my OB. My bleeding after having THE MONKEY still hasn't gone away. It's been 8 weeks. EIGHT.WEEKS.PEOPLE!!! It will get to the point where it dries up for a day or two... then BAM! B.A.M. Back to the war zone. It's a vicious cycle that has yet to go away. I'm nervous that something may be wrong and that's why it's not healing up. I mean I expected to bleed.. but not for 8 weeks. This has got to stop. I talked to the triage nurse at my OB's office and she seems to think that it's just taking my body longer to heal than normal because there is no odor or cramping associated with the bleeding. She's going to talk to my doctor and get her thoughts on it to be sure. She'll call me back when she talks to her.

I'm praying that all is well and we all make it out of these next 2 weeks alive.... if we do, it'll be a miracle.

ESPECIALLY after the crap that Senior pulled this morning. Want to know how I received word that he was having back surgery?! Through a damn TEXT message!!! That's almost as good as when he text me to tell me that the results came back positive for cancer. UGH!

Someone pray for his soul because I'm very close to beating him to death.

Give me a heart attack.

Stephanie M.

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  1. HAHA! You crack me up! Yes, someone DOES need to smack SR. right upside the head, but It's not gonna be me... he'd prolly smack me back. lol
    I can NOT beleive that Jr. is going to be 2months old already. Your right.... where HAS the time gone?!? Just seems like yesterday that you were trying to get pregnant! Crazy! Let me know what happens with the OB stuff. I hope you are okay, which i am sure you will be, but always safe to get that stuff checked out as you just NEVER know. Give that monkey kisses from Auntie Sheri. Luv you guys.


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