Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I love the grunting noise my son makes while he's trying to fall asleep.
I love the way he puts his hands, as if in prayer, while he sleeps.
I love ths crunched face he makes when he's done nursing.
I love the crooked grin he makes at us when our eyes meet.
I love the wide smile he makes at his dad when he comes home from work.
I love the way he smells when he's fresh out of the bath.
I love the prickly feeling his hair makes on my face when I rub my cheek on his head.
I love the way his toes curl around around my finger when I gently stroke his foot.
I love the way he sucks in his bottom lip when he's sleeping.
I love the way he holds my hand while nursing.
I love the way he sticks his tongue out when he coughs.
I love the way he sneezes and smiles big afterward.
I love the way he arches his back and sticks his butt out when cuddling.
I love the way he stretches when he wakes up.
I love the way he hums when he's happy.
I love the way he talks to his toys.
I love how his feet stink after a long day.
I love his bed head after a nap.

Stephanie M.

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