Wednesday, March 18, 2009


01-18-2010: 2 Month Appointment!
Weight: 11lbs 7oz - 25th Percentile
Length: 24 inches - 75th Percentile
Head: 15 7/8 inches - 95th Percentile

11-25-2009: 2 Week Appointment!
Weight: 7lbs 9oz - 25th Percentile
Length: 21.5 inches - 75th Percentile
Head: 14.5 inches - 50th Percentile

11-20-2009: Weight Checkup!
Weight: 7lbs 6oz

11-17-2009: First Checkup!
Weight: 6lbs 14oz
Vaccines: Hep B

11-12-2009: JUNIOR'S BIRTH
Weight: 7lbs 7oz
Length: 20in
Head: 13.25in
Time: 3:51pm

11-11-2009: 39w
Heart Rate: 136bpm
My Weight: 160lbs (+32)
My Belly: 39cm
Cervix: 4cm & 75% effaced
Station: +2

11-05-2009: 38w1d
Heart Rate: 146bpm
My Weight: 153lbs (+25)
My Belly: 38cm
Cervix: 3cm & 70% effaced (still)
Station: -1

10-28-2009: 37w
Heart Rate: 174bpm
My Weight: 153lbs (+25)
My Belly: 37cm
*On Light Duty*
Baby Weight: 7lbs (?)
Cervix: Easy 3cm & 70% effaced
Station: -1

10-23-2009: 36w2d
Heart Rate: 148bpm
My Weight: 152lbs (+24)
My Belly: 36cm
*Discharged - Strict Bedrest*
H1N1 Results: NEGITIVE!

10-22-2009: 36w1d
Heart Rate: 178bpm
My Weight: 149lbs (+21)
My Belly: 36w
PIH Results: Negitive!!
*Possible H1N1 Infection*
*Hospital Admission*

10-21-2009: 36w
Heart Rate: 156bpm
My Weight: 150lbs (+22)
My Belly: 36cm
Cervix: Tight 2cm & 0% effaced
Station: -3
Strep B Results: NEGITIVE!
*Admitted overnight for PIH*

10-15-2009: 35w1d
Heart Rate: 156bpm
My Weight: 149lbs (+21)
My Belly: 36cm

09-29-2009: 32w6d
Heart Rate: 171bpm
My Weight: 147lbs (+19)
My Belly: 33cm

09-14-2009: 30w5d
Heart Rate: 144bpm
My Weight: 144lbs (+16)
My Belly: 30-31cm
Placental Location: MOVED!!!
Flu Shot!
*Monitored in L&D*

09-01-09: 28w6d
Heart Rate: 146bpm
My Weight: 141lbs (+13)
My Belly: 30cm
RH- Shot!

08-18-2009: 26w6d
Heart Rate: 154bpm
My Weight: 140lbs (+12)
My Belly: 28cm
Glucose Test: NEGITIVE!!

07-06-09: 20w5d
Heart Rate: 158bpm
My Weight: 132lbs (+4)
My Belly: 20cm
GENDER: BOY!! (14oz.)

06-15-09: 17w5d
Heart Rate: 153bpm
My Weight: 128lbs (0)

06-02-09: 15w5d
Heart Rate: 167bpm
My Weight: 128lbs. (0)
My Belly: 16cm
Quad Screen Results: NORMAL

05-18-09: 13w5d
Heart Rate: 154bpm
My Weight: 130lbs. (+2)
My Belly: 14cm

04-16-09: 9w1d
Baby Measuring: 9w4d (28mm)
Heart Rate: 169bpm
My Weight: 128lbs.

04-10-09: 8w2d
Baby Measuring: 8w3d
Heart Rate: 165bpm
My Weight: 131lbs.

03-27-09: 6w2d
Baby Measuring: 6w2d
Heart Rate: 122bpm
My Weight: 128lbs.

03-16-09: Beta - 2344!!

03-14-09: Beta - 858!!

03-12-09: Beta - 358!!
My Weight: 139lbs.

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