Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Meaning Of STEPHANIE

I was recently viewing a friend's blog over at (Mis)conceptions: An Infertility Blog and the subject of her post made me laugh! I had to try it for myself. So I followed her instructions and here's my results:

The deffinition of STEPHANIE.

1. Stephanie is the sexiest girl in the world. (damn right, heh!)

2. Stephanie is very nice and caring towards everyone and she always has a smile on her face no matter what and even though she doesnt know it she is very beautiful and smart. (see, I am beautiful AND smart, ha!)

3. Stephanie is a very sexy, sophisticated women. Someone that knows what they want and can get it. Can also mean a sophisticated bitch. (well, yes, I guess I can be!)

4. Stephanie is a girl who is more addictive than crack and internet porno combined! (Yay! My favorite!)

5. Stephanie is the most adorable, retardedly funny, easy and fun to talk to person to walk the earth. (retardedly funny, um, sure!)

6. Stephanie is, to say the least, an incredible girl. She is an immediate soul mate, before you even have the time to realize it. She is gorgeous, but still stands out from the other pretty girls. She has a sense of humor that never dissapoints or keeps you from laughing. She has this aura about her that no one else could ever have. She carries herself with grace worthy of Grace Kelly herself. Stephanie is loving, unique, and maybe even a bit quirky; but its in a cool addictive way. Once you meet a real Stephanie, don't ever let go. (it sums me up!)

So, what does your name mean?

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  1. Ha ha, I'm jealous! - you got a much more sophisticated definition than I did! (Well, okay, maybe except for the reference to internet porno! lol!)


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