Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Update & Question

Question first, because I am mean and like to torture you. Have you ever wondered if things were just going too perfectly? I am having that issue right now. Our whole IVF cycle had a few snags with timing and scheduling issues, as well as worry and not knowing if we were going to get all our meds in time (that happened a few times) but now that things are a whole lot calmer and all we have to do is wait, I am starting to think that this whole process just went a little too smooth. I feel like the results aren't going to happen the way we want and in just 8 short days, we're going to be heartbroken. Again. I am really trying not to worry as I know that is not good for my body, or the babies, but I have this horrible fear that we're just never going to have kids. Is that normal, or am I being overdramatic?

Now for the update: Out of the 12 eggs retrieved, 11 were mature, and 8 of those 11 were fertilized. Out of the 8 fertilized, 2 (awesome 3d embies) were transfered and 6 were left in the lab to grow into beautiful little Blastocysts, at which point if any made it, they'd be frozen.

We just got news, yesterday, that of the 6 that were waiting, 4 made it to perfect little blasties, and all 4 froze successfully!!!

Can anyone say, YIPPEEE!!!!


  1. thank you for your commnet on my daughter's sledding fun!

    It sounds like you've been on quite the TTC/IVF journey- what an emotional roller coaster it must be.

    Will keep you in my prayers that you can relax and take it easy over this next week and not stress...and that pretty soon you'll be getting the news you've been waiting to hear!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Congrats - that is wonderful news on the frozen blasts.


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