Monday, March 02, 2009

Pantries are AMAZING!

When we moved we downsized from a HUGE almost walk-in pantry down to a floor to ceiling normal cupboard size pantry. There wasn't much space to put ANYTHING. We downsized almost everything. Our square footage, our kitchen size, our cupboard space, everything. We've lived here since the middle of November and I've about had enough with the pantry. Jeff went out and baught a few closable bookshelves and they work WONDERS as extra storage space for a pantry. Here they are all built and pretty:

And here they are all filled with our goodies:

I am so super excited that I can have things all displayed and organized like I like them. All my labels have to be facing out and all my shelves have to be co-ordinating. Veggies on one shelf, boxed dinners on another shelf, soup on another, etc.

I am so overjoyed.

As for the pregnancy, I've been told "you're pregnant till proven otherwise" and I tend to agree. I currently AM pregnant as I am carrying 2 fertilized, growing embryos, who may technically be called Blastocysts (as they're 5dpt - 5 days post transfer) but I like calling them my little Embies.

We have 10 more days to wait and I am so extremely excited but I am very cautious.

Side effects so far: breast tenderness, bloating, swollen overies, rump knots (LMAO!), weakness when I don't eat frequently, and I've had a few bouts of constipation/diarrhea, it alternates.

*However the diarrhea/consipation may be caused from my IBS since I've been eating more lately*

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  1. You are very much like me, this is how my pantry looks too! :)


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