Thursday, March 12, 2009

Expecting The Unexpected

Waiting for results is not my fortay, let me tell you! I paced. I was nauseated. I just wanted to go take a nap and puke at the same time to make the feeling of uneasy-ness go away. It was so not my style.

I waited for hours and hours, litterally. Seconds seemed like days and days seemed like lifetimes. I can not imagine going through that again, even if I wanted to.

It was rough.

Then all the sudden jeff walked in the door with this in hand:

For some reason the results just didn't seem real. I asked, "she called and it was positive?!?!?!?"

Jeff replied with, "yes! It was a BIG positive!" So I immediately screamed, "WE'RE PREGNANT?!?!" He just replied by nodding his head yes!

All I wanted to know is what my hcg hormone level was. I was so nervous! He said that my hormone level was 358!!! YES! That's super high for being 4 weeks along.. so they're thinking multiples, but we'll see upon first ultrasound!

I go through 2 more beta's then we'll go from there. My next is on Saturday and then again on Monday. Wish us luck that it will continue like it should and that all will be well.

Oh and for the record, I haven't told anyone this but we took 3 digital HPT's prior to this and all BFP's!!!! Here's the proof:

So all in all, it's been a GREAT day!


  1. Congratulations to you, and I hope for a happy & healthy 9 months!

  2. You little sneak, you! Big congrats, I'm so happy for you and can't wait to find out how many are in there!! Congrats!!!

  3. YAY! Congrats! Today is a good day. My beta is monday and so far - tests still getting positive results. What crazy times eh?

  4. YAAAYYYYYYY! Congratulations Stephanie! I'm so excited for you! I know it's been a LONG time coming and you've been so much more patient than I could have been. YAY FOR YOU!

  5. oh wow!! Big congratulations to you! How exciting!! Happy 9 months!


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