Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Lovin' It!

No, silly, I'm not talking about McDonald's, although it does sound good. I'm talking about pregnancy. I love feeling all the daily changes and watching my body conform to the pregnancy mold and watch all the pregnancy symptoms pop up and make themselves known. Here are some of the few things that I've noticed and experienced so far:

Nausea - all the time, lemme tell ya!
Sore Boobs - not nearly as bad as it was but still very tender.
Nose Sensitivity - my smeller is working overtime and my stomach is not happy about it, yuck!
"Road Maps" - I'm starting to get the darkened blue veins showing all over my breasts & belly.
"Goose Bumps" - I've had the goose bump like bumps on my nipples, they swollen lubrication glands.
Headaches - frequently.
Bloating - my poor intestines have been shoved up into my belly and unfortunately to them, they'll be there for a long time.
Gas - and it hasn't been pretty.
Belly Flutters - all through my belly, all the time.
Runny Nose - usually when I eat, odd?
Back Pain - already?!

Here's what my levels turned out to be:

Beta #1: 358
Beta #2: 838
Beta #3: 2344!!!!

We have our first ultrasound scheduled for Friday, March 27th, 2009, so wish us luck for happy, healthy babies.

Any last minute guesses as to how many we have in there? (We transfered 2 embies)


  1. Those are great betas! I've got my fingers crossed for you on Friday!

  2. WOW.... Great numbers! I am guessing 3 babies. LOL I know you want to kill me about now. But... So very cute! Your gonna make a great momma and I am so very happy and excited for you, especially to be an auntie. ;) Good job girl~

  3. Hey - I'm voting for 2. I'm only nauseous from time to time. I'm worried it's going move in for the long haul. I'm sore in the bust area as well and have the worst digestion I've ever had. I have nothing showing though, and no weight gain yet (which is a miracle considering all the eating I've been doing). Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!

  4. hmmm, my comment came up as tomboy - weird. Not sure how that happened...

  5. How exciting.

    The second trimester is a lot easier in comparison!

    Two would be so wonderful!


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