Monday, September 14, 2009

30 weeks and 5 days

Just wanted to update the records..

Ultrasound today.. all is wonderful!
  • Placenta is UP and out of the way!! WOOT WOOT!
  • Baby is head down!
  • Baby is still a BOY.. Yippee!
  • He still has his hand in front of his face for pictures.
  • He's litterally taking up ALL his room; He's head down and LOW and his butt is up near my right ribs, with one foot up by my left ribs and his other foot up by his head. (don't ask me.. I said he's an acrobat.)
  • Due to his positioning.. she couldn't get ANY 3D shots.. but we did see one photo on the screen and he has a VERY chubby head, lol. This boy's got some cheeks, that's for sure.
  • Baby's heart rate was 144bpm.
OB appointment today... all's well!
  • I did get my flu shot today. Fun fun.
  • My belly did measure 30-31cm, so right on track.
  • I do have a sore (near my girlie parts) that I wanted her to check out. She said that it was just a couple ingrown hairs, so no worries.. YAY!
  • I weighed in at 144 pounds so I am up 16 pounds, total.
I'll post a few ultrasound photos later, once grammy gets to see them first.



  1. Just wanted to stop by to say hi! Glad you are doing well!


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