Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh for the love of preparations!

His side table, lamp and TWO piggy banks. One for silver $$ and one for pennies.
His changing Table. Equipped with all the fixins.
*dark thing is a lop eared bunny standing up*
His knick-knacks; two crystals, toys and some paci's.
His dresser; completely FULL of cloths.. baskets include hats, mittens, bibs, etc.
*dark thing is a lop eared bunny laying down*
His going home outfit, his collection of shoes and some other accessories.
His crib set.
*we still have to hang his name on the wall above his crib*
A better view of his name.
The inside of his crib.. are you noticing a pattern?
I think we've started a few collections along the way, too.
Socks!! They're stacked 3 high on top of each other.. EEK!
*how much you want to bet we'll loose half of them within the first few weeks?!*



  1. Your nursery is beautiful! I'm in Oregon too, which for some reason, after reading a few of your blog entries, I discovered and smiled. I think I tend to imagine blogger friends as far away people, and I forget that oftentimes they're nearby. Strange.

    Anyway, super congratulations at your soon-to-be bundle of joy!

  2. Super great nursery! He's going to LOVE it :-) Great job!!


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