Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hiccups, Fears & Nesting?!

Don't you just love how I'm kind of all over the place, lately? Gotta love what pregnancy does to a woman's brain. I swear someone stole my brain in the middle of the night and boiled it while I was sleeping. I no longer have cat-like reflexes and am at the top of my game. Now? Now things just hit me in the face, as if I didn't seem them coming in the first place. However, I do, so it makes it all the more stupid.

Okay, that was a TOTAL side track from what I was here to blog about.


Hiccups. Oh yes! Hiccups. I hate them. I hate when I have them. When I get the hiccups I get them violently and can't control them, or myself, for that matter. It seriously feels like I could swallow my tongue or that my chest is going to cave in. If they're REALLY bad, then it feels like both scenario's could happen at once. Not cool. I don't get them that often, especially since I've become pregnant but I have noticed that a wee little one, who happens to swim inside my belly 24/7, has inherited his mother's violent hiccups. Poor kid. Not only does he have the hiccups 8 to 9 times per day (for 20-30 minute stretches) but he is also a violent hiccup'er. Hiccup'er?! Yes. Sure. He often has them at bedtime, which doesn't make for easy sleeping, let me tell you. I often get up to go to the bathroom a million and a half times per night and he usually gets a nice case of the good ol' hiccups right as soon as I get back in bed. For the last week or two, I haven't been able to sleep, at all, during the night. I find myself crawling... literally crawling out of bed around 11:00am. I finally get back to sleep as Big J is getting up for work. It hasn't been fun, that's for sure. At least it's preparing me for the inevitable.

On another note, I have weird fears/habits that I thought I'd share with you. Why? Because I was awake thinking about it for hours last night (read: this morning) and the only way I can stop thinking about it, is if I do something with my thought. I choose to blog about it. Writing it down usually gets it out of my head and off my mind. Here's a bunch of random habits/fears that I have and happen to do on a VERY regular basis:

  • I refuse to allow the blinds to be open at night. Why? Because I am sure that some peeping tom is going to be staring in my house as if I lived in a fish bowl. Eww.
  • I refuse to look out the blinds at night because I am positive that if I do, that same peeping tom is going to be a serial killer (HA! I sooo almost just said cereal killer.. sure, that too!) That same serial killer is going to pop into sight, break in my house and murder everyone that it contains.
  • I cannot sleep, I mean CANNOT sleep with my fingers, toes, arms, legs, or any other appendage hanging off the side of the bed. I can't do this because I envision the short little person who plays "Leprechaun" the movie, will be hiding under my bed with a pair of yard clippers and they're going to cut off some certain body parts hanging over the side of the bed. This guy.

  • If something gets dropped down in my sinks garbage disposal, I can't reach in to get it. Even if the garbage disposal is turned off. Absolutely no way! My luck, I'll stick my hand in there, my house will get a surge of power and some how it will turn on and there goes my hand. I need my hand, please.
  • I can't swim in water that I can't see the bottom of. In murky water.. you can't see when some big ass fish is going to swim up and chew your leg off. Or a shark. I don't care what you say, but there are things in there that WILL eat you and I'm sure they're just waiting for a chance.
Okay, I think that's enough. I'm sure you probably think I'm a complete nutcase, now.

As for nesting.. whoa! I NEVER imagined that I'd be one of those women who got to this certain point in their pregnancy where they go CRAZY trying to clean anything and everything in sight. I am. Over the last 2 days alone, I think I've done dishes about 10 times, laundry (and I HATE laundry), taken the garbage out AND recycle (I don't ever do that). Kept the yards watered, vacuumed twice, swept, organized and re-organized everything again. I've really got the urge to steam clean the carpets, however, I do know that once I get started, I probably won't be able to finish due to getting out of breath so fast and getting tired. I'm hoping to get one room done at a time, though, till it's done.

Here's some questions for you:

  1. Did your little ones ever have the hiccups? Did you find them annoying or funny?
  2. Did/Do you have any irrational fears or habits that you do?
  3. Did you nest when you were pregnant? How far did it go?

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